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Activities 2018 - 2019
10/08/2019    JIMS Rohini organised Guest Lecture on ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND ITS IMPACT ON FINANCIAL SERVICES for PGDM Batch (2018-20)
10/08/2019    JIMS Rohini organised Faculty Talk by Mr. Sanjive Saxena
03/08/2019    JIMS Rohini organised Guest Lecture on Branding and Market Positioning
03/08/2019    JIMS Rohini Organised Faculty Talk Series by Ms. Geeta Sharma and Dr. Parminder Bajaj
03/08/2019    JIMS Rohini organised Guest Lecture on Export/Import Fuelled by Technology
02/08/2019    JIMS Rohini organised Industrial Visit to Moon Beverages Pvt Ltd. for PGDM Batch (2019-21)
01/08/2019    JIMS Rohini organised Guest Lecture on Procedure of Export and Import
27/07/2019    JIMS Rohini organised IB Connect 2019 for PGDM-International Business (Batch 2019-21)
26/07/2019    JIMS Rohini organised RM Extravaganza for PGDM RM Students
24/07/2019    JIMS Rohini organised - INDUSTRIAL VISIT TO MOON BEVERAGES LIMITED (COCA COLA) for PGDM Batch (2019-21)
22/07/2019    JIMS Rohini celebrated Jal Diwas as a part of Jal Shakti Abhiyaan by Government of India.
20/07/2019    JIMS Rohini - Institution’s Innovation Council organised Session on My Entrepreneurial Journey
20/07/2019    JIMS Rohini organised A General Quiz for PGDM-IB(2019-21) Batch
15/07/2019    JIMS Rohini organised Guest Lecture on Entrepreneurship for the students of PGDM-Retail Management (Batch 2019-21)
15/07/2019    JIMS Rohini organised Guest Lecture on Entrepreneurship for the students of PGDM-International Business (Batch 2019-21)
13/07/2019    JIMS Rohini Organised Workshop on POWER OF LINKED IN for PGDM-International Business Students
13/07/2019    JIMS Rohini Organized Guest Lecture on Financial Risk Management for PGDM-IB(2018-20) Batch
13/07/2019    JIMS Rohini Organised Workshop on Your Attitude Towards Life Will Define Your Altitude In Life
11/07/2019    Students of PGDM-International Business(2019-21) attended a workshop organised by FIEO on 11th July 2019 on "Building Exporters Ecosystem.
10/07/2019    JIMS Rohini Internal Quality Assurance Cell organised FDP on Qualitative Research and Problematizing your Research
09/07/2019    JIMS Rohini organised a workshop on Elevate–Team Building Program
09/07/2019    JIMS Rohini Tuesday Talk by Dr. Deepika Saxena and Dr. Navneet Joshi
06/07/2019    JIMS Rohini Organised Workshop on Carve out the real you in yourself for PGDM-IB Batch (2019-2021)
06/07/2019    JIMS Rohini organised a workshop on Laying Foundation to Corporate Journey for PGDM-Retail Management (batch 2019-21)
03/07/2019    JIMS Rohini Orientation Programme of PGDM Retail Management Xth Batch (2019-21)
03/07/2019    JIMS Rohini Orientation Program 10th Batch of PGDM - International Business (2019-2021)
03/07/2019    JIMS Rohini Internal quality assurance cell organised a session with renowned Professor Justin Paul from Rollins college, Florida and University of PR USA.
02/07/2019    JIMS Rohini Orientation Program for PGDM Batch (2019-21) on 2nd July 2019
01/07/2019    IT Department of JIMS Rohini Organised FDP on Data Science
25/06/2019    JIMS Rohini Tuesday Talk by Dr. Latika Kharb
18/06/2019    JIMS Rohini Tuesday Talk by Ms. Ankita Chopra, Ms. Ankita Sharma and Mr. Devesh Lowe
11/06/2019    JIMS Rohini Tuesday Talk by Ms. Sugandha Sharma and Ms. Chetna Laroiya
05/06/2019    JIMS, Rohini Faculty attended the FDP on ‘Contemporary Teaching Learning Androgogies in B-Schools’ at MDI, Gurgaon
04/06/2019    JIMS Rohini Tuesday Talk by Ms. Priyanka Gandhi and Dr. Deepti Sharma
03/06/2019    JIMS Rohini organized MDP on ‘Developing Professionals for Leadership Roles’ for the Senior Managers, Punjab & Sind Bank at NIBSCOM, Noida
31/05/2019    JIMS Rohini organised FDP on “Data Analysis Using R”
31/05/2019    JIMS Rohini organised MDP on ‘Developing Professionals for Leadership Roles’ for Punjab & Sind Bank at NIBSCOM, Noida
28/05/2019    JIMS Rohini Tuesday Talk by Dr. Deepak Chahal and Ms. Nainika Kaushik
27/05/2019    Public Notice
25/05/2019    JIMS Rohini organised MDP on Financial Modelling
21/05/2019    JIMS Rohini Tuesday Talk by Dr. Deepshikha Aggarwal and Ms. Disha Grover
20/05/2019    JIMS Rohini organised MDP on ‘Developing Professionals for Leadership Roles’ for Punjab & Sind Bank
14/05/2019    JIMS Rohini Tuesday Talk by Dr.Bhupender Kumar Som and Dr. Yukti Ahuja
11/05/2019    JIMS Rohini International Conference (ICICCT-2019) technically sponsored by Springer CCIS and Computer Society of India (CSI)
07/05/2019    JIMS Rohini Tuesday Talk by Mr Sunny Seth
30/04/2019    JIMS Rohini Tuesday Talk by Mr. N.P.Singh, Ms. Ankita Sharma and Ms. Ankita Chopra
27/04/2019    JIMS Rohini organised International Conference on Advances in Management Practices - ICAMP 2019
27/04/2019    Farewell party 2K19 for MCA, BCA & BBA
23/04/2019    JIMS Rohini Tuesday Talk by Ms Suman Madan and Ms. Aakansha Chopra
23/04/2019    Alumni talk on ‘Change Management in the Age of Disruptions’
08/04/2019    JIMS Rohini Congratulates its Alumni Ms.Drishti Bhutani, Territory sales manager,
06/04/2019    TECHNOWHIZ 2019 - Rediscovering Technologies: Changing the Directions
06/04/2019    Jims Rohini Organised Annual Management Seminar Surge 2K19
06/04/2019    Farewell Party for PGDM Batch (2017-19)
05/04/2019    Voter Awareness programme @ JIMS Rohini
04/04/2019    JIMS patriotic club organised “ENVIRONMENT DAY: Live Green”
04/04/2019    Jims Rohini HR Club Samanvay Organised Theatrics in HR
03/04/2019    JIMS Rohini organised a Visual Merchandising – Live Window Display by PGDM - RM
02/04/2019    JIMS Gender Champions Club organised SOCIAL PANCHAYAT on April 2, 2019
01/04/2019    Tekqbe, IT club of JIMS had organized a successful workshop on Cyber security and hacking
29/03/2019    JIMS Rohini Academic Club organised - PICTIONARY
29/03/2019    JIMS Rohini PGDM-IB Students Excursion Trip to Worlds of Wonder, Noida
27/03/2019    JIMS Alumni Coffee Meet @ Singapore
26/03/2019    JIMS Rohini Organised an Industrial Visit for PGDM-RM Students at Neetee Clothing PVT Ltd. Gurugram
25/03/2019    Jims Rohini Economics Club E-360 Organized BUSINESS MANIA Inter College Competition
25/03/2019    PGDM Department of JIMS Rohini organised a Global Exposure Program Singapore for PGDM Batch (2018-20)
23/03/2019    Guest session on “Understanding Nuances of Job Analysis” for PGDM batch (2018-20)
16/03/2019    Jims Rohini Organised PRASTUTI – Inter college Techno Management Presentation Contest
16/03/2019    JIMS Rohini PGDM department organised Mock GD for PGDM batch (2018-20) Students
14/03/2019    JIMS Rohini organised A Panel discussion on Phygital Experiences: Redefining the Retail Sector
12/03/2019    IP Department of JIMS Rohini organized 4 days workshop on Robotics
09/03/2019    JIMS Rohini organised one-day MDP on Developing Leadership Potential
09/03/2019    JIMS Rohini Management Department organised Industrial Research Project Progress Presentation
07/03/2019    JIMS Rohini Organised a store visit to More Mega Store - Moments Mall, Kirti Nagar for PGDM-RM Students
05/03/2019    Jims Rohini Finance club Organised FINQZ Activity
02/03/2019    JIMS Rohini organised MDP on Leading through Personal Excellence for Managers and Managers of Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC)
19/02/2019    JIMS Rohini organised Experiential Team Building Program
16/02/2019    JIMS Rohini IB Club Organised Riskypedia
15/02/2019    JIMS Rohini organised Motivational Session Panache 2019
14/02/2019    JIMS Rohini organised an activity on Shadow Box Display
11/02/2019    Economics Club of JIMS Rohini Organised THE BID WARS
09/02/2019    JIMS Rohini Congratulates Kartik Saxena, student PGDM-RM for winning Google Online Marketing challenge
09/02/2019    JIMS Rohini Literary Society Organised We mean it an activity by Expression
09/02/2019    JIMS Rohini organised An interactive session ALUMNI CONNECT
09/02/2019    Guest lecture on 'Scope of Retail & Marketing in Management Consulting Firms' for PGDM RM Students Batch 2018-20
05/02/2019    JIMS Rohini PGDM IB Students attended the event Promoting Exports through Standards organised by FIEO
04/02/2019    JIMS CONNECT: A Guiding Note from Alumnus An Alumni Interaction Series 2018 - 2019.
02/02/2019    JIMS Rohini Organised a Guest Session on Power of LinkedIn for PGDM Students
01/02/2019    JIMS Rohini organised A special Session on "Thinking towards European Business Integration Model"
25/01/2019    JIMS Rohini organised Prep placement Activity on How to improve interview performance for BCA & BBA Students
23/01/2019    JIMS Rohini organised E-summit 2019 YUVA-Preneurship From Passion to Pragmatism
22/01/2019    Guest Session on “Importance of Team Work in Organisation” for PGDM Batch (2018-20)
19/01/2019    JIMS Rohini organised a guest lecture on “Role of Retail & Marketing in Financial Services”
17/01/2019    JIMS Rohini organised an activity on Attract to sell for PGDM-Retail Management students (batch 2018-20)
16/01/2019    JIMS Rohini Organised an Investor Awareness Programme for PGDM Students
15/01/2019    JIMS Rohini Organised pre placement activity titled “Stress Management and life skills”
15/01/2019    JIMS Rohini organised An Health Awareness Series –V on Healthy Lifestyle: In Pursuit to Fight Cancer
14/01/2019    JIMS Rohini Organised a Guest Lecture on Career Options in Finance
12/01/2019    JIMS Rohini organised MDP on ‘Enhancing Group Discussion Skills’ for Senior Officers, Punjab and Sind Bank
08/01/2019    JIMS Rohini organised One Day Workshop (MDP) On It Proficiency Conducted For The Officers Of Punjab & Sind Bank
05/01/2019    JIMS Rohini organised Workshop on Leading through Personal Excellence (Upgradation of Managerial Skills) for Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC)
14/12/2018    FDP on Machine Learning, Data Analytics and Image Processing (10-14 Dec, 2018)
12/12/2018    JIMS Rohini Retail Club Creador organised simulation exercise on Visual Merchandising: The Art of Vision - Jo Dikhta Hai Woh Bikta Hai
11/12/2018    Jagan Institute of Management Studies, Rohini organized MarkBuzz Marketing Conclave 2018 on Influencer Marketing, 11th December 2018
08/12/2018    JIMS Rohini organised Guest Session on Can we avoid sales in professional life?
05/12/2018    JIMS Rohini organised Industrial Visit to AMUL, BANAS DAIRY, Faridabad
05/12/2018    JIMS Rohini organised Retail Store Visit for the students of PGDM-Retail Management
05/12/2018    Jagan Institute of Management Studies, Rohini organized a symposium on Credit and Banking schemes available for MSME sector for Bawana Chamber of Industries
01/12/2018    JIMS Rohini Organised session on Preparatory tips to crack an interview
28/11/2018    JIMS Rohini organised Industrial Visit for PGDM-International Business students to Banas Dairy-A Unit of AMUL
27/11/2018    JIMS Rohini organised an industrial visit to AMUL’s Banas Dairy Unit located in Faridabad (Haryana)
24/11/2018    JIMS Rohini HR Club Samanvay organised HR Branding contest - Design & Deliver
24/11/2018    JIMS Rohini organised Industrial Visit of PGDM-RM (2018-20) @ Amul
23/11/2018    JIMS Rohini congratulates Namrata Gupta and Mansi Srivastava , PGDM Batch 2017-19 participated in HRhythm at IIM - Kashipur
22/11/2018    JIMS Rohini organised Industrial Visit to Amul Dairy
22/11/2018    JIMS Rohini, Signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Badli Industrial Estate Association (BIEA), Delhi on 22/11/2018
17/11/2018    JIMS Rohini E-Cell Tarkash Organized Entrepreneurs Battle Field Activity Pitching of Business Idea
17/11/2018    JIMS Rohini organized MDP on Self-Awareness and three soft skills for a successful career: Great Communication, Adaptability and Time Management
16/11/2018    JIMS Rohini organized a session of social sensitization for transgender community with NGO PAHAL
16/11/2018    JIMS Rohini organised Excellence in Store Operations (ESOps)
13/11/2018    JIMS Rohini organised Guest Session on Entrepreneurial Challenges for students of PGDM-Retail Management
10/11/2018    JIMS Rohini organised Retail Store Visit for the students of PGDM-Retail Management
05/11/2018    JIMS Rohini Patriotic Club organised Nukkad Natak on Celebrating cracker free Diwali
03/11/2018    Alumni Interaction on Exports Product, Procedure and Risk Management
02/11/2018    JIMS Rohini Finance Club Investofin Organised ANOTHER LEARNING - NSE SESSION
01/11/2018    JIMS patriotic club in association with Juventra Youth Club organised Donation Camp "Project Umeed" for Bal Sahyog
30/10/2018    JIMS Rohini organised Guest Lecture on Professional Ethics & Frauds
27/10/2018    JIMS Rohini organised a guest lecture on “Retail Sales” for PGDM-Retail Management students
27/10/2018    Knowledge Symposium 2018 by International Business Department of JIMS Rohini
27/10/2018    JIMS Rohini Cultural Club Organized Dance Competition
25/10/2018    JIMS Rohini organised Guest Lecture on HOW TO COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY
25/10/2018    JIMS Rohini IT club TekQbe organized programming competition Code-it
25/10/2018    JIMS Rohini organized an interactive session for students of PGDM-Retail Management batch (2017-19)
22/10/2018    JIMS Rohini entered into a MOU with Bawana Chamber of Industries, Bawana, Delhi
22/10/2018    JIMS Rohini organised Guest Lecture on Location Matters-The Importance of Retail
22/10/2018    JIMS Rohini Economics Club E-360 organised TRI WIZARD
17/10/2018    JIMS Rohini organised a guest session on POWER OF COMMUNICATION
13/10/2018    JIMS Rohini organised a guest session for BCA Students
13/10/2018    JIMS Rohini Literary Society organised an event on Battle it out
13/10/2018    JIMS Rohini organised a guest lecture on Applying Lean Kaizen for Business Process Improvement
13/10/2018    JIMS Rohini Congratulates Reena Garg and Prachi Sharma MCA II year for Wining First Prize in Programming Competition organised by Bharti Vidyapeeth
13/10/2018    JIMS Congratulates the Winners of EDUCATION DAY- STUDENT'S CONVENTION
11/10/2018    JIMS Rohini Congratulates the Winners of 4*400 Mtr Relay Race in Annual Sports Meet organised by GGSIPU
10/10/2018    JIMS Rohini organised MDP on on the topic of ‘Achieving Excellence in Store Operations through Emotional Intelligence’ by Dr. Pratima Daipuria
08/10/2018    JIMS Rohini organised a guest lecture on Customer Engagement in a Networked Society
06/10/2018    JIMS Rohini organised its 15th IT Symposium on emerging technologies
30/09/2018    Information regarding scholarship schemes issued by Ministry of Minority Affairs, GOI
29/09/2018    JIMS Rohini Alumni Coffee Series-20 organized for BCA, BBA and BBA CAM batches (2001 to 2008)
24/09/2018    JIMS Rohini organised Health Awareness Series (version 4.0)
22/09/2018    JIMS Rohini organized a session of Alumni Interaction Series on INDIA: The Wheel of Fortune
18/09/2018    JIMS Rohini organised Guest Session on Skillset Required to Meet Expectations of Retail Industry
15/09/2018    JIMS Rohini organized a session of Alumni Interaction Series on Sales Force and Industry Experience
15/09/2018    JIMS Rohini organized a Technical Talk on “Emerging Cyber Threats and Securities”
14/09/2018    Gender Champions Club of JIMS Rohini organized a Nukkad Natak on Female Foeticide
14/09/2018    JIMS Alumni Meet - 20 Saal Baad - Reunion of first five Batches
13/09/2018    Tekqbe, IT club of JIMS Rohini organized a Session on "Normalization in DBMS"
13/09/2018    JIMS Rohini organised an SSO Photography Competition “Picturesque” for PGDM
10/09/2018    JIMS Rohini welcomes its Freshers - FRESHER’S PARTY for BCA & BBA
07/09/2018    JIMS Rohini organised an industrial fair to MOON BEVARAGES COCA COLA PVT. LTD. HAPPINESS FACTORY
05/09/2018    PGDM Department of JIMS Rohini organised SSO Presentation
05/09/2018    International Educational Tour to DUBAI - 2018
31/08/2018    JIMS, Rohini organized NASA SPACE APPS CHALLENGE – PRE HACKATHON
31/08/2018    Industrial Visit to Coca- Cola, Happiness Factory- (Moon Beverages Pvt. Ltd.)
30/08/2018    JIMS Rohini organised Pre-Placement Activity - Tips for GD and Interview
29/08/2018    Cultural Club of JIMS Rohini organised an Event - JIMS Got Talent
28/08/2018    JIMS Rohini organised A guest lecture on Entrepreneurship Motivation
28/08/2018    BCA - Final project presentation of Summer Training 2018
27/08/2018    Sports Club of JIMS Rohini organised an Event - JIMS Warriors
27/08/2018    Academic Club of IP Department Of JIMS Rohini organised an Event - Project Presentation Competition
25/08/2018    JIMS CONNECT: A Guiding Note from Alma Mater, An Alumni Interaction Series 2018 -2019.
24/08/2018    Faculties of JIMS Rohini at Google Training Program - Android Developement
24/08/2018    Economic Club E-360 of JIMS Rohini organised an Event - Econox 2018
24/08/2018    JIMS organised an Event - KNACKATHON for PGDM Students
23/08/2018    JIMS organized a pre placement activity on - Scope and career opportunities after BCA
23/08/2018    JIMS Rohini oraganised a Pre-Placement Activity on Scope and Career Opportunities after BBA
20/08/2018    PGDM department organised a two-day Mock GD for PGDM Students
20/08/2018    Tekqbe, IT club of JIMS organised a Session on "File Handling in C"
18/08/2018    Commencement of START-UP INCUBATION PROGRAM at Jagannath Incubation Centre (JIC)
18/08/2018    JIMS, Rohini organized boot camps for pre-qualifier round of NASA Space App Challenge Hackathon
18/08/2018    JIMS Rohini organised a guest session on Management Lessons on a Fabulous Corporate Career for PGDM
18/08/2018    Final project presentation of MCA Students of Summer Training 2018
16/08/2018    JIMS organized a pre placement activity on Quantitative Aptitude skills.
14/08/2018    Management department JIMS Rohini organised a Industrial Visit to Coca Cola Happiness Factory for PGDM Students
14/08/2018    JIMS Rohini celebrated 72nd Independence Day - JASHAN-E-AZADI
11/08/2018    IP Department of JIMS Rohini organised a Guest Lecture on Managing Organizational Psychology for MCA Second Year Students
11/08/2018    Financial Club INVESTOFIN of JIMS Rohini organised an activity - IPL BIDDING
11/08/2018    JIMS Rohini organised a MDP on NEGOTIATIONS SKILLS FOR MANAGING YOUR BSC at Vivanta, Dwarka
08/08/2018    JIMS Rohini organised an Industrial Visit to Inland Container Depot (ICD) Tughlakabad, Delhi for PGDM IB
07/08/2018    JIMS organised an industrial fair to Industrial Visit to Coca Cola Happiness Factory
07/08/2018    JIMS organized a pre placement activity on Golden Rules of Inerview.
03/08/2018    JIMS Rohini's Marketing Club MARQUEST organised an Event - PRODUCT O MANIA
28/07/2018    JIMS HR Club Samanvay organised Guest Lecture on ‘Corporate Expectations from Budding Managers: Myths and Realities’ and HR Workshop
25/07/2018    JIMS Rohini organised a Guest Lecture on “Goal Setting & Corporate Expectation” for PGDM Students
24/07/2018    JIMS Rohini organised a Guest Session on “The Brand Called You” for PGDM Students
09/07/2018    JIMS Rohini organised a Guest Session on Transformational leadership
07/07/2018    JIMS Rohini organised a Alumni Interaction Session on Turning Aspirations to Achievements
07/07/2018    JIMS Rohini organised a Workshop on Skills Vs Knowledge
02/07/2018    Orientation Function PGDM 2018-20 Batch
26/06/2018    JIMS Rohini Organized FDP on Structural Equation Modelling 2018
13/06/2018    MDP on “Environmental Aspects of Sustainability and Fire Safety for MSME” on 13th June, 2018
25/05/2018    JIMS, Rohini Congratulates Dr. Neelam Dhall and Dr. Deepika Saxena for Presenting Research Paper at International Conference on ‘Sustainable Management’ at IIM, Kashipur.
19/05/2018    Jagan Institute of Management Studies- Rohini Alumni Coffee Meet-MCA
18/05/2018    MDP on Understanding genesis, managing CONFLICTS
08/05/2018    Interactive Session on State of Management Education in Poland
28/04/2018    PGDM-IB First Exclusive Alumni Meet
21/04/2018    JIMS, organized IEC-2018 - Innovation & Entrepreneurship Conclave
16/04/2018    JIMS Alumni Coffee Series XV exclusively for PGDM-Retail Management
07/04/2018    JIMS Annual InfoTech Symposium TechnoWhiz 2018 on Understanding Industry 4.0
07/04/2018    JIMS, organized annual management seminar SURGE 2k18 on Enhancing Entrepreneurial Mind-set: Lessons from Veterans
04/04/2018    JIMS Organized National Seminar On BLOCK CHAIN AND CRYPTOCURRENCY
31/03/2018    Another proud moment for JIMS Rohini!!
26/03/2018    JIMS Marketing Club Marquest Organized a Guest Session on Politics and its Effect on World Economies
26/03/2018    JIMS E-CELL organized Session on 'HOW TO START YOUR OWN BUSINESS'
23/03/2018    JIMS Cultural Club Organised Shaheed- The Martyrs of the Nation
21/03/2018    JIMS Article in Economic Times - An ecosystem to nurture future business leaders
20/03/2018    JIMS Rohini organised a mall visit to DLF Emporio for PGDM - Retail Management students (batch 2017-19)
19/03/2018    JIMS E Cell TARKASH organized Workshop on INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS
17/03/2018    Understanding the GOOGLY in facing behaviourally anchored interview
15/03/2018    JIMS Finance Club InvestoFin organized a Session on "Financial Empowerment through Financial Education"
15/03/2018    JIMS Congratulates! Shivansh Garg & Manisha Gupta PGDM-RM (batch 2017-19)
14/03/2018    JIMS Retail Club Creador organised an activity 'REINVIGORATE'
12/03/2018    JIMS organized Robotics workshop for MCA students
09/03/2018    JIMS Finance Club InvestoFin organized a special session on Stock Market - Bull, Deer or Bear….A Time to Invest or Fear
06/03/2018    JIMS congratulates Shubham Khurana - Becoming the Top Performer
23/02/2018    Verve 2K18
23/02/2018    JIMS PGDM-IB Students attended FIEO Summit on Interactive session with RBI, FEDAI and IBA
20/02/2018    JIMS Organized a Inter-College Quiz Competition: BATTLE OF THE MINDS
19/02/2018    Guest Session on Road to moneymaking-JOB or Business
17/02/2018    JIMS Organized a Guest Lecture on LEADERSHIP OF THE SELF
17/02/2018    JIMS Rohini Sec 5 organized the Corporate Panel Discussion for MCA Students
16/02/2018    A trip to Surajkund International Crafts Mela
12/02/2018    JIMS Organized a Motivational Session By Mr. Hitesh Ramchandani
10/02/2018    JIMS Organized a National Seminar on Business Analytics: Redefining Horizons
08/02/2018    BUSINESS QUIZ Organised BY BUSINESS STANDARD at JIMS, Rohini for PGDM Students
06/02/2018    JIMS Student becomes Goonj Rider Ms Monisha (BBA 3 rd Year)
06/02/2018    JIMS congratulates Himanshu Bansal (BCA batch 2014-17) on becoming the youngest biker
05/02/2018    JIMS IP Department of JIMS organised a Health Awareness Series
03/02/2018    JIMS Organized Stock Mind 6 Competition
01/02/2018    JIMS Rohini organised guest lecture on Customer Experience in Digital Era
31/01/2018    Store Opening Through Window Dressing
31/01/2018    Workshop on Me and my specialization for PGDM-Internationa Business students
29/01/2018    PGDM International Business organised a Guest Alumni Session on Challenges of International Business Expansions
29/01/2018    Guest Lecture on Art of Public Speaking
25/01/2018    TEAM SPIRIT , In –class Display board Competition
23/01/2018    JIMS congratulates Ajay Kumar Singh, Student of MCA first year
23/01/2018    Alumni Coffee Meet in Kolkata January 2018
20/01/2018    Industrial visit for PGDM –IB Students to LT Foods (Dawat Rice), Sonipat
18/01/2018    Guest Lecture on Career Opportunities in Financial Market
17/01/2018    Guest session on FOUNDATION FOR CORPORATE EXPERIENCE
12/01/2018    JIMS IP department organized an alumni interaction session for BCA students

Activities 2017
16/12/2017    JIMS organised its Christmas Carnival (Annual Alumni Meet 2017)
15/12/2017    Guest Session on Challenges and Opportunities of Entrepreneurship
14/12/2017    A Workshop on Visual Merchandising ‘The Art of Visual Display’
11/12/2017    Mock GD/PI Campus PGDM 2017-19
09/12/2017    PGDM Students Industrial Visit to Coca Cola Happiness Factory
04/12/2017    JIMS Organized a Session on ACE EQUITY
04/12/2017    JIMS Finance Club Investofin - Activity , Finollywood
01/12/2017    Visit to Karmaarth of PGDM-IB Students on 1st Dec 2017.
27/11/2017    JIMS E Cell TARKASH Organized Entrepreneurial Untold Success Story Telling Contest
24/11/2017    India International Trade Fair 2017
22/11/2017    JIMS Retail Club Creador organized an activity Inventure - Innovate and Sell
18/11/2017    Guest Lecture on ESSENTIALS OF INTERVIEW
18/11/2017    Guest Lecture on AN ODE TO DREAM AND PASSION
14/11/2017    Guest Lecture on Trends in Technology and its impact in Retail Industry
11/11/2017    Guest Lecture on The Brand called You
11/11/2017    workshop on "mantra for team building in turbulent times"
09/11/2017    JIMS, Rohini participated in the conference along with exhibitions on Education and Organic India.
03/11/2017    JIMS Organised retail store visit activity for PGDM RM students
31/10/2017    Guest Lecture on Placement Activity for BBA and BCA Students
28/10/2017    JIMS Annual Corporate Meet
28/10/2017    Guest Lecture on Digital Financial Services-Products and Career Opportunities in India
25/10/2017    Guest Lecture on Personality Development Portfolio
14/10/2017    JIMS, organized Annual IT Symposium, TechBYTE 2017
14/10/2017    Guest Lecture on An Overview of Rural Marketing in India
14/10/2017    JIMS Marketing Club in association with Sparsh organized a selling activity - Selling for a Cause
12/10/2017    Guest Lecture on Cyber Security
06/10/2017    Alumni Coffee Meet in Dubai
25/09/2017    FDP on Digitising & Skilling Business Educators, from Sep. 25 - 30, 2017
23/09/2017    Team Captivator from JIMS wins I position in Case Writing Competition
20/09/2017    Green Initiatives
16/09/2017    JIMS Organised MDP on Managing Conflicts at Workplace
15/09/2017    JIMS two day training workshop in association with Barclays and Nasscom
15/09/2017    Digital Marketing Workshop- ‘Ride the Digital Wave’
11/09/2017    Rekindling The Vintage organized by E-Club ‘Tarkash’
08/09/2017    Special Session on Sales & Distribution on 8th Sept 2017
02/09/2017    Alumni Coffee Meet in Kolkata
01/09/2017    JIMS Finance Club Organized IPL Bidding
31/08/2017    JIMS PGDM- Retail Management students participated in Retail Summit & Expo (RISE) hosted by RAI
30/08/2017    JIMS Retail Club Creador organized Cobra De Escada- Rolling for Brands
29/08/2017    A session on DIGITAL MARKETING
19/08/2017    JIMS organised a Guest Lecture On Guesstimate
16/08/2017    GST (Goods & Service Tax)
12/08/2017    JIMS Cultural Club organized Talent Hunt
11/08/2017    JIMS Rohini organized an industrial visit to Neetee Clothing Pvt. Ltd., Gurugram
10/08/2017    Industrial Visit To Yakult Danone India Pvt. Ltd Manufacturing Plant at Sonepat, Haryana
10/08/2017    Industrial Visit of PGDM-IB (2016-18) to the Inland Container Depot (Tughlakabad)
05/08/2017    MDP on Management of Renewable Energy sources
04/08/2017    A Session on Entrepreneurship for PGDM Year I students
04/08/2017    Motivational Lecture on 'Master of Supply Chain Mumbai Dabbawala'
27/07/2017    Guest Lecture on “GST” by Mr Chandan Agarwal(Head-Taxation, Dabur India Pvt Ltd)
26/07/2017    Guest Lecture on Various Incentives for Exports and Shipping and Customs Clarence of Goods
26/07/2017    PGDM- RM Students (Batch 2016-18) Visited MORE RETAIL STORE BY - ADITYA BIRLA GROUP LTD.
26/07/2017    JIMS organised an ice breaking session RM Extravaganza
25/07/2017    BSE Visit of PGDM-IB(2016-18)
22/07/2017    Special Session on GST
22/07/2017    Guest Lecture on Goods and Service Tax
22/07/2017    One Day Workshop on Statistics for PGDM-RM Batch 2017-19
19/07/2017    Annual event IB Connect Organized by JIMS IB Club
15/07/2017    Workshop on Building foundation for corporate encounter-National to International
11/07/2017    FDP on Internet Of Things, Neural Networks & Big Data Tools (Organised by Dept. of IT)
08/07/2017    Hum Honge Kaamyaab - A ray of motivation
08/07/2017    B-Schools to Corporate
08/07/2017    Guest Lecture on Expectations @ Corporate for PGDM-IB(2017-19)
04/07/2017    Orientation Programme of PGDM-IB & RM VIIIth Batch (2017-19)
03/07/2017    Orientation Function PGDM 2017-19 Batch
29/04/2017    JIMS Organised FDP On Case Writing
22/04/2017    MDP on Managing Conflicts at Work place
01/04/2017    JIMS teams participate in Grand finale of AICTE Smart India Hackathon
01/04/2017    Panel discussion By Alumni
31/03/2017    Educational Trip to Dubai
25/03/2017    The Annual Debate 2K17
22/03/2017    Portfolio Management and Mutual Funds
03/03/2017    Verve 2K17
27/02/2017    JIMS Economics Club E-360 organized a session on Investor Awareness Program
27/02/2017    JIMS Finance Club InvestoFin organised “NSE’s certification in Financial Markets (NCFM) – Online Exam”
22/02/2017    Management Development Programme on ‘Excellence in Stores Operations’(ESOps)
18/02/2017    Guest lecture on Exploring Opportunities for Financing a Start-up
18/02/2017    JIMS Finance Club-InvestoFin organised MOCK STOCK COMPETITION
12/02/2017    Accolades for JIMS
11/02/2017    workshop on GOOGLY in facing behaviourally anchored interview
10/02/2017    JIMS IB Club has organized a trip to Aravali Resorts
07/02/2017    Mobile Application - Survivor
07/02/2017    Union Budget 2017: An Analysis
04/02/2017    JIMS Marketing Club Activity (Guess the Right News)
30/01/2017    Workshop on Cyber security and Solutions
28/01/2017    Inter College IT Quiz competition
24/01/2017    Guest Lecture on – Penetrating International Markets-How different it is from local market
21/01/2017    Guest Lecture on – Unleashing the secret of getting success in a selection process-Summer Internship
20/01/2017    Guest Lecture on RESUME WRITING
20/01/2017    JIMS students participated with vigor and zeal in NDIM's Sports Fest 'Spardha 2017'.
18/01/2017    Successful FastTrack FinTech Event organized by SBC & JIMS
07/01/2017    JIMS Rohini organized its XXII Convocation in Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre

Activities 2016
21/12/2016    Workshop on Vittiya Saksharta Abhiyan (VISAKA)
07/12/2016    JIMS Retail Club - Credor organized Poster making competition on Retail brand positioning
06/12/2016    JIMS Finance Club - InvestoFin organized Stock Trading Competition – StockMIND
28/11/2016    Talk Show on ‘Evaluating of Franchising Models in India’
24/11/2016    NSE’s Certification in Financial Markets
19/11/2016    Workshop on Team Building, "Crossing A Turbulent Ocean"
19/11/2016    JIMS E-cell organized PITCH IT UP
09/11/2016    JIMS ACADEMIC CLUB-IP organized quiz competition AROUND THE WORLD
08/11/2016    Workshop on “Becoming a successful Manager”
25/10/2016    JIMS GENDER CHAMPIONS CLUB Poster Making Competition
22/10/2016    JIMS Rohini organized ‘Annual Corporate Meet-2016
22/10/2016    Proud moment for JIMS, Sector-5 Rohini.
22/10/2016    Marketing club of JIMS, organised “Marketing Brand Extension”
22/10/2016    JIMS Rohini organized 13th Annual IT symposium “TECHBYTE 2016”
19/10/2016    On October 19, 2016 An Event Organised by Karmbhoomi took place at JIMS Rohini
15/10/2016    JIMS cultural club organized ROADIES 3.0
29/09/2016    JIMS has launched its first Management E- Newsletter
28/09/2016    Academic Club of JIMS organized an event “BRAIN TEASER”
27/09/2016    Training Programme by Dale Carnegie on “How to Build Relationships Impact fully in Sales”
26/09/2016    Guest Lecture on “Career Opportunities in UK”
24/09/2016    Industrial Visit HERO MOTOCORP Ltd. for BBA 2014-2017 Batch
23/09/2016    workshop on “ Working in Teams for Success” for BBA-III Sem students
17/09/2016    Workshop on Know your Persona, What You are? Why You are? What you want to be ?
10/09/2016    JIMS Cultural club organized FUN QUIZ for PGDM Students
09/09/2016    E cell organized an activity on "how to pen down my plan"
03/09/2016    Career Counselling for BCA Students
03/09/2016    Workshop on Overcome your fear of confrontation Conflict by HR club SAMANVY
02/09/2016    JIMS Students participated in Sports Rehab: the sports convention
02/09/2016    Industrial Visit to Bisleri
01/09/2016    JIMS congratulate Neelam and Nishu for won Second prize in Table Tennis tournaments
31/08/2016    JIMS ACADEMIC CLUB organized “SUDOKU” – The Number Puzzle
27/08/2016    JIMS Marketing club organized a Marketing quiz Quizzing the 4Ps
27/08/2016    JIMS Finance Club organized the IPL BIDDING SIMULATION GAME
27/08/2016    Know your Persona, What You are? Why You are? What you want to be?
27/08/2016    Alumni Interaction Session for BCA Students
22/08/2016    Unfolding the Bachelor of Computer Applications Program
17/08/2016    Industrial Visit of PGDM (IB)-2016-18 Batch @ NBC Bearings Ltd
12/08/2016    JIMS patriotic club organized Nukkad Natak and Kite Flying competition
11/08/2016    Workshop on Entrepreneurship Development Program by NIESBUD
11/08/2016    PGDM-RM Students attend Delhi Retail Summit 2016
09/08/2016    JIMS Patriotic Club Organized The Quit India Movement
09/08/2016    Industrial Visit to Yakult Danone India Pvt. Ltd.
06/08/2016    PGDM Freshers’ Welcome 2016
03/08/2016    Guest Lecture on “Secrets to Becoming an Unstoppable Entrepreneur” for PGDM-IB
02/08/2016    JIMS IB Club Organized its annual event “IB Connect”
01/08/2016    RM Extravaganza
30/07/2016    Panel Discussion On “Challenges in Entrepreneurial Journey from Zilch to the Destination”
23/07/2016    JIMS Finance Club organized POSTER MAKING COMPETITION
23/07/2016    Industrial Visit of PGDM-RM (2016-18) @ Atlas Cycles
20/07/2016    Industrial Visit of PGDM (2016-2018) @ Moser Baer plant
19/07/2016    JIMS PGDM - Industrial Visit to Bisleri Plant, Sahibabad
16/07/2016    JIMS Marketing Club organized AD MAD SHOW
14/07/2016    Address by Prof. R.P.Maheshwari, Director General, JIMS, Rohini
07/07/2016    Orientation Programme of PGDM-IB & RM VIIth Batch (2016-18)
04/07/2016    PGDM 2016-2018 Batch Orientation programme
13/06/2016    JIMS is organizing 5-week Summer Training for MCA and BCA
10/06/2016    PGDM students participated in the activity organized by HSBC-ET
14/05/2016    International Conference on Information, Communication and Computing Technology (ICICCT-2016)
30/04/2016    JIMS organized farewell for MCA batch 2013 -2016
19/04/2016    Guest Lecture On “Patanjali boom make global biggies sweat”
04/04/2016    Guest Lecture on Sales and Marketing Strategies of Hindustan Levers
02/04/2016    Annual Management Seminar –Surge2k16
02/04/2016    JIMS Entrepreneurship club Organised Guest Lecture On Startup Early
02/04/2016    Annual Infotech Symposium Techno Whiz 2016
21/03/2016    Guest Lecture on Code Optimization
20/03/2016    JIMS-IP Department organized "CodeTadka"
19/03/2016    Workshop on Financial Modeling by IMS Proschool
19/03/2016    INDUSTRIAL VISIT- PORT Inland Container Depot, Tughlakabad, New Delhi
18/03/2016    PROUD Moments for JIMS!!
16/03/2016    JIMS Academic club organized a Collage Making Competition
16/03/2016    Guest Lecture on Functioning, Challenges & Career Opportunities in Treasury
15/03/2016    Resume Writing and Tips to Crack Personal Interview
12/03/2016    Interactive Session on Competency Integrity for Finance Jobs
11/03/2016    MOCK PERSONAL INTERVIEW for MCA Students
11/03/2016    MOCK PERSONAL INTERVIEW for BBA Students
10/03/2016    Workshop on how to make an effective LinkedIn Profile
10/03/2016    GUEST SESSION on Understanding CPP (Concept, Perception and Politics) Of Management
05/03/2016    Mock Campus for PGDM-I year students
04/03/2016    Guest Lecture on “Emerging Trends in Payment Systems in India”
04/03/2016    Workshop on HR Practices in Coal India Ltd.
04/03/2016    Guest Lecture on “ 5 Secrets of Great Presentation”
03/03/2016    JIMS IB Club “IB Connect” organized an activity on “Brand Re-creation”
01/03/2016    Robotics Workshop
27/02/2016    FOOTLOOSE’16
26/02/2016    Verve 2K16
24/02/2016    JIMS organized Guest Lecture on SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT IN E-COMMERCE
24/02/2016    Newspaper making activity on “ Make in India” for PGDM-IB(2015-17) students
24/02/2016    JIMS Marketing Club organized an advertisement activity ‘AD MAD SHOW’
20/02/2016    JIMS had organized a Table Tennis Tournament
20/02/2016    E-cell organized “PITCH IT UP’
18/02/2016    Workshop on Encountering GD's and PI's
17/02/2016    InvestoFin - Finance Club of JIMS organised NSE’s certification in Financial Markets (NCFM) – Online Exam
16/02/2016    Dr. J. K. Goyal, Director, JIMS delivered a lecture to the audience comprising of Deans and Directors of business schools of Pakistan.
13/02/2016    JIMS organised a two series workshop on Application of basic and Advanced Excel in HR
13/02/2016    Corporate Checkmate Programme 2016 On CUSTOMER ACQUISITION VERSUS RETENTION
10/02/2016    A trip to Surajkund International Crafts Mela
10/02/2016    JIMS MCA Students clear online Linux test of STP IIT-Bombay
09/02/2016    Upgradation of Medical Facilities
06/02/2016    JIMS HR Club ‘Samanvay’ held a panel discussion on the topic 'Understanding HR, from here to where and why ?'
04/02/2016    InvestoFin - Finance Club of JIMS organised an introductory session on Financial Modelling
04/02/2016    MOCK PERSONAL INTERVIEW for BCA and BBA Students
02/02/2016    Youth Connect ‘Nukkad Natak’ Competition
28/01/2016    Entrepreneurhsip club members from JIMS attended the LEAD Start up Conclave
28/01/2016    E_Commerce Business in India: the Future and the Current Challenges and the Skill Sets Required to Succeed in this Space
28/01/2016    JIMS Annual Sports Meet
27/01/2016    Unfolding the Bachelor of Business Adminstration Program
25/01/2016    Silent Play on Pathankot Air Force Incident by Patriotic Club JIMS on Republic Day
25/01/2016    Workshop on Application of Excel in HR
23/01/2016    Guest Session on 'Issues and Challenges in Sales and Marketing'
22/01/2016    Guest Session on MBA Career Opportunities and Corporate Expectations
22/01/2016    Workshop on “Automated Testing and its Practical Implementation”
21/01/2016    Workshop on How to appear in GD and PI
18/01/2016    Unfolding the Bachelor of Computer Applications Program
18/01/2016    JIMS organized Youth Health Mela for post-graduate students of IT department
16/01/2016    Annual Alumni Dinner for BBA & BCA
09/01/2016    JIMS Rohini organized its XXIst Annual convocation at India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi
05/01/2016    FDP on Authentic Assessment Methods

Activities 2015
16/12/2015    Extempore @ JIMS by IB Club on 16th Dec 2015
12/12/2015    StockMIND @ JIMS by InvestoFin – Finance Club
02/12/2015    Industrial Visit of PGDM-IB (2015-17) @ Escorts Ltd
23/11/2015    Session by Lt. Rita Gangwani
20/11/2015    Digital Marketing Club activity “DigiPostMash”
19/11/2015    NSE’s Certification in Financial Markets organised by Finance Club
07/11/2015    NIESBUD Visit
04/11/2015    JIMS Rohini Students won in sparda-2015
30/10/2015    Proud moment for JIMS, Sector-5 Rohini.
29/10/2015    Knowledge Symposium 2015 on Managing Operational Impediments and FOREX Volatility in International Trade
28/10/2015    Workshop on how to present yourself in an interview
26/10/2015    Guest Lecture on Brand Management & Advertising
19/10/2015    Guest Lecture on Starting Your Start-Up
19/10/2015    A Special Session on 'Tumblr' by Yahoo for PGDM-RM
17/10/2015    Annual IT Symposium, TechBYTE 2015
17/10/2015    IPL BIDDING SIMULATION GAME organized by Finance Club
14/10/2015    MDP - Excellence in Store Operations (ESOPs)
13/10/2015    Guest Lecture on European Union
10/10/2015    Workshop on MANAGING YOUR BSC
10/10/2015    Guest Session on Indian Retail – Next Growth Story with Challenges and Opportunities
08/10/2015    JIMS organized Youth Health Mela
19/09/2015    HR Summit on Harnessing Multigenerational Workforce
08/09/2015    Collage making competition ECOllage organized by E360
27/08/2015    Talent Hunt organized by the Cultural Club
26/08/2015    Freshers Party'13 - PGDM Batch 2015-2017
13/08/2015    Industrial Visit to Mother Dairy
08/08/2015    Nuturing your ROOTS to CORPORATE ROUTE By JIMS HR Club
07/08/2015    Industrial Visit to Parle- PGDM-RM( 2015-17)
07/08/2015    Industrial Visit @ Maruti Suzuki, Gurgaon PGDM-IB(2015-17)
05/08/2015    Brand Tambola organised by Retail Club
04/08/2015    An Industrial visit to YAKULT DANONE INDIA PVT LTD
31/07/2015    IB Connect
29/07/2015    Rapid on Boarding- Workshop for PGDM-RM(2015-17)
27/07/2015    FDP on “Data Mining and Big Data Analytics”
23/07/2015    Session on Energy Conservation and Safety
14/07/2015    Guest Lecture on International Manager Challenges & Opportunities
10/07/2015    Delivering Formidable Performance-Heart & Mind Vs Heart or mind
07/07/2015    industrial visit of PGDM (2015-17) at Bisleri
06/07/2015    Orientation Programme of PGDM-RM, VIth Batch (2015-17)
04/07/2015    Orientation Programme of PGDM-IB VIth Batch (2015-17)
02/07/2015    Orientation PGDM Batch (2015-17)
20/04/2015    Window Display by PGDM-RM students
09/04/2015    workshop on Leadership and Decision Making Through Team Building
06/04/2015    Coffee table discussion
25/03/2015    Industrial Visit of PGDM(IB) 2014-16 Batch @ Liberty Shoes, Karnal
17/03/2015    Mood Board Activity for PGDM-RM students
17/03/2015    Digital Marketing - A New Recruit's Approach
07/03/2015    workshop on “Decision Making” Individual v/s Team, churning the cream.
03/03/2015    Fashion Retail Internship at Major Brands - PGDM-RM( 2014-16)
21/02/2015    A live workshop “Leadership through team building”
13/02/2015    Innovative Minds Charming Ads
06/02/2015    International Conference on “Contemporary Business Practices: Creative or Dogmatic?”
31/01/2015    20th Annual Convocation Ceremony
30/01/2015    The E-Waste Competition
20/01/2015    Industrial Visit Bislari Plant at Sahibabad