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Marketing Club


Marketing Club of JIMS, provides a platform which gathers the zeal of all the marketing enthusiasts and channelizes it through various activities. This enables students to gauge the various aspects of marketing domain beyond classrooms and leverage the same to get a strong hold in the professional careers thereon.

Faculty Incharges

  • Dr. Yukti Ahuja

Student Coordinator

  • Aditya Jaswal
  • Pulkit Sharma
  • Komal
  • Rachit
  • Shikhar
  • Pratiksha
  • Rachna
  • Avneet
  • Himanshu
  • Chandni

Some of the Events Organized by Marketing Club:

Sno Event Date Title Programme
1 02/02/2019 JIMS Rohini Organised a Guest Session on Power of LinkedIn for PGDM Students PGDM
2 11/12/2018 Jagan Institute of Management Studies, Rohini organized MarkBuzz Marketing Conclave 2018 on Influencer Marketing, 11th December 2018 PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
3 03/08/2018 JIMS Rohini's Marketing Club MARQUEST organised an Event - PRODUCT O MANIA PGDM
4 26/03/2018 JIMS Marketing Club Marquest Organized a Guest Session on Politics and its Effect on World Economies PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
5 14/10/2017 JIMS Marketing Club in association with Sparsh organized a selling activity - Selling for a Cause PGDM
6 04/02/2017 JIMS Marketing Club Activity (Guess the Right News) PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
7 22/10/2016 Marketing club of JIMS, organised “Marketing Brand Extension” PGDM
8 27/08/2016 JIMS Marketing club organized a Marketing quiz Quizzing the 4Ps PGDM
9 16/07/2016 JIMS Marketing Club organized AD MAD SHOW PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
10 24/02/2016 JIMS Marketing Club organized an advertisement activity ‘AD MAD SHOW’ PGDM
12 20/11/2015 Digital Marketing Club activity “DigiPostMash” PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
13 06/04/2015 Coffee table discussion PGDM
14 17/03/2015 Digital Marketing - A New Recruit's Approach PGDM

Finance Club


Investofin- the finance club of JIMS is formed for those students who want to excel in the field of finance and to help people improve their knowledge of financial world. It is formed keeping in mind the interest of students in finance domain. The club aims at developing analytical skills and decision making skills, and making them aware about latest trends and advancements in the area of finance. The club meets regularly and provides inspiration and opportunity to students to work on individual and group activities. The students develop, schedule, organize and regulate activities which provide them a great learning experience.

Faculty Incharges

  • Mr. N P Singh

Student Coordinator

  • Shubham aggarwal
  • Himani Dhingra
  • Ria saini
  • Riya Nijhawan
  • Sapna Yadav
  • Sumit Gupta
  • Rupal dhyani
  • Shubham
  • Yash Jindal
  • Aishwarya Khatri
  • Shubham Jain
  • Nishtha Singhal
  • Rishabh Srivastav
  • Tanya Makkar
  • Deepanshi

Some of the Events Organized by Finance Club:

Sno Event Date Title Programme
1 10/08/2019 JIMS Rohini organised Guest Lecture on ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND ITS IMPACT ON FINANCIAL SERVICES for PGDM Batch (2018-20) PGDM
2 25/05/2019 JIMS Rohini organised MDP on Financial Modelling PGDM
3 05/03/2019 Jims Rohini Finance club Organised FINQZ Activity PGDM
4 16/01/2019 JIMS Rohini Organised an Investor Awareness Programme for PGDM Students PGDM
5 02/11/2018 JIMS Rohini Finance Club Investofin Organised ANOTHER LEARNING - NSE SESSION PGDM
6 11/08/2018 Financial Club INVESTOFIN of JIMS Rohini organised an activity - IPL BIDDING PGDM
7 15/03/2018 JIMS Finance Club InvestoFin organized a Session on "Financial Empowerment through Financial Education" PGDM
8 09/03/2018 JIMS Finance Club InvestoFin organized a special session on Stock Market - Bull, Deer or Bear….A Time to Invest or Fear PGDM
9 03/02/2018 JIMS Organized Stock Mind 6 Competition PGDM
10 04/12/2017 JIMS Finance Club Investofin - Activity , Finollywood PGDM
11 27/02/2017 JIMS Finance Club InvestoFin organised “NSE’s certification in Financial Markets (NCFM) – Online Exam” PGDM
12 18/02/2017 JIMS Finance Club-InvestoFin organised MOCK STOCK COMPETITION PGDM & PGDM-IB
13 07/02/2017 Union Budget 2017: An Analysis PGDM
14 18/01/2017 Successful FastTrack FinTech Event organized by SBC & JIMS PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
15 06/12/2016 JIMS Finance Club - InvestoFin organized Stock Trading Competition – StockMIND PGDM
16 24/11/2016 NSE’s Certification in Financial Markets PGDM & PGDM-IB
17 27/08/2016 JIMS Finance Club organized the IPL BIDDING SIMULATION GAME PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
18 23/07/2016 JIMS Finance Club organized POSTER MAKING COMPETITION PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
19 04/02/2016 InvestoFin - Finance Club of JIMS organised an introductory session on Financial Modelling PGDM
20 12/12/2015 StockMIND @ JIMS by InvestoFin – Finance Club PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
21 19/11/2015 NSE’s Certification in Financial Markets organised by Finance Club PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
22 17/10/2015 IPL BIDDING SIMULATION GAME organized by Finance Club PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM

HR Club


Samanvay - The HR Club at JIMS provides a platform to the budding managers at JIMS to showcase their understanding of contemporary trends & issues in HR. It empowers the students to think, conceptualize, plan & execute HR related activities such as role plays, management games, brain-storming sessions & presentations with the objective to gain insights into changing dynamics of HR. The club also facilitates live projects and constantly works towards increasing corporate-academia interaction by inviting corporate speakers from HR domain for guest lecturers & workshops.

Faculty Incharges

  • Dr. Neelam Dhall

Student Coordinator

  • Vrinda Sharma
  • Devashish Gaur
  • Pragya Manchanda
  • Aanchal Nijhawan
  • Sonu Sabu
  • Anjali Shukla
  • Astha Khera
  • Parul
  • Deepak Yadav
  • Priyanshi Sharma
  • Sonam Sinha
  • Amit Vikram
  • Mahika Gupta
  • Vaishnavi
  • Raj Vardhan
  • Divyani Sachdeva
  • K.V. Bandana
  • Himanshu Kumar

Some of the Events Organized by HR Club:

Sno Event Date Title Programme
1 31/05/2019 JIMS Rohini organised MDP on ‘Developing Professionals for Leadership Roles’ for Punjab & Sind Bank at NIBSCOM, Noida PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
2 20/05/2019 JIMS Rohini organised MDP on ‘Developing Professionals for Leadership Roles’ for Punjab & Sind Bank PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
3 23/04/2019 Alumni talk on ‘Change Management in the Age of Disruptions’ PGDM
4 04/04/2019 Jims Rohini HR Club Samanvay Organised Theatrics in HR PGDM
5 09/03/2019 JIMS Rohini organised one-day MDP on Developing Leadership Potential PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
6 28/07/2018 JIMS HR Club Samanvay organised Guest Lecture on ‘Corporate Expectations from Budding Managers: Myths and Realities’ and HR Workshop PGDM
7 17/03/2018 Understanding the GOOGLY in facing behaviourally anchored interview PGDM
8 11/11/2017 workshop on "mantra for team building in turbulent times" PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
9 11/02/2017 workshop on GOOGLY in facing behaviourally anchored interview PGDM
10 19/11/2016 Workshop on Team Building, "Crossing A Turbulent Ocean" PGDM
12 30/07/2016 Panel Discussion On “Challenges in Entrepreneurial Journey from Zilch to the Destination” PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
14 06/02/2016 JIMS HR Club ‘Samanvay’ held a panel discussion on the topic 'Understanding HR, from here to where and why ?' PGDM

Retail Club

“Creador”- Connecting with Retail World

Retail club is the initiative by the students of JIMS to create an understanding of the management skills required in retail industry. It lays emphasis on 3 ‘S’: Share knowledge, Spread values and Show leadership. The mission of the Retail Club is to provide a platform for students to learn the dynamics of this sector by facilitating increased industry-alumni-student interaction. As a part of club activities, various forms of indoor and outdoor activities are planned and organised such as Branding and Selling Activities, Trunk Show, Fashion Café, Luxury Retail Workshops, Social Responsibility Projects, Excursions, Visual Merchandising Workshops and Competitions, Brand Quiz, Styling Sessions, Industry Talks etc.

Faculty Incharges

  • Dr. Deepika Saxena

Student Coordinator

  • Shreya Seth
  • Aprajeeta Singh
  • Sagar Thareja
  • Meetali Pasricha
  • Parvee Kapoor
  • Shubham Khurana
  • Mayank Dixit
  • Vaishnavi Tiwari
  • Rahul Khurana
  • Dikshant Desaur
  • Aparna
  • Shradha
  • Kapoor
  • Devyani Swaroop
  • Shivam Bhatnagar
  • Harshita Agarwal
  • Himanshu Chaturvedi
  • Tavleen Kaur

Some of the Events Organized by Retail Club:

Sno Event Date Title Programme
1 03/08/2019 JIMS Rohini organised Guest Lecture on Branding and Market Positioning PGDM-RM
2 26/07/2019 JIMS Rohini organised RM Extravaganza for PGDM RM Students PGDM-RM
3 15/07/2019 JIMS Rohini organised Guest Lecture on Entrepreneurship for the students of PGDM-Retail Management (Batch 2019-21) PGDM-RM
4 13/07/2019 JIMS Rohini Organised Workshop on Your Attitude Towards Life Will Define Your Altitude In Life PGDM-RM
5 12/07/2019 JIMS Rohini organised Guest lecture on Online Retailing with Team Zerokaata PGDM-RM
6 06/07/2019 JIMS Rohini organised a workshop on Laying Foundation to Corporate Journey for PGDM-Retail Management (batch 2019-21) PGDM-RM
7 03/07/2019 JIMS Rohini Orientation Programme of PGDM Retail Management Xth Batch (2019-21) PGDM-RM
8 03/04/2019 JIMS Rohini organised a Visual Merchandising – Live Window Display by PGDM - RM PGDM-RM
9 26/03/2019 JIMS Rohini Organised an Industrial Visit for PGDM-RM Students at Neetee Clothing PVT Ltd. Gurugram PGDM-RM
10 14/03/2019 JIMS Rohini organised A Panel discussion on Phygital Experiences: Redefining the Retail Sector PGDM-RM
11 07/03/2019 JIMS Rohini Organised a store visit to More Mega Store - Moments Mall, Kirti Nagar for PGDM-RM Students PGDM-RM
12 14/02/2019 JIMS Rohini organised an activity on Shadow Box Display PGDM-RM
13 09/02/2019 JIMS Rohini Congratulates Kartik Saxena, student PGDM-RM for winning Google Online Marketing challenge PGDM-RM
14 09/02/2019 Guest lecture on 'Scope of Retail & Marketing in Management Consulting Firms' for PGDM RM Students Batch 2018-20 PGDM-RM
15 19/01/2019 JIMS Rohini organised a guest lecture on “Role of Retail & Marketing in Financial Services” PGDM-RM
16 17/01/2019 JIMS Rohini organised an activity on Attract to sell for PGDM-Retail Management students (batch 2018-20) PGDM-RM
17 12/12/2018 JIMS Rohini Retail Club Creador organised simulation exercise on Visual Merchandising: The Art of Vision - Jo Dikhta Hai Woh Bikta Hai PGDM-RM
18 05/12/2018 JIMS Rohini organised Retail Store Visit for the students of PGDM-Retail Management PGDM-RM
19 24/11/2018 JIMS Rohini organised Industrial Visit of PGDM-RM (2018-20) @ Amul PGDM-RM
20 16/11/2018 JIMS Rohini organised Excellence in Store Operations (ESOps) PGDM-RM
21 13/11/2018 JIMS Rohini organised Guest Session on Entrepreneurial Challenges for students of PGDM-Retail Management PGDM-RM
22 10/11/2018 JIMS Rohini organised Retail Store Visit for the students of PGDM-Retail Management PGDM-RM
23 30/10/2018 JIMS Rohini organised Guest Lecture on Professional Ethics & Frauds PGDM-RM
24 27/10/2018 JIMS Rohini organised a guest lecture on “Retail Sales” for PGDM-Retail Management students PGDM-RM
25 25/10/2018 JIMS Rohini organized an interactive session for students of PGDM-Retail Management batch (2017-19) PGDM-RM
26 22/10/2018 JIMS Rohini organised Guest Lecture on Location Matters-The Importance of Retail PGDM-RM
27 18/09/2018 JIMS Rohini organised Guest Session on Skillset Required to Meet Expectations of Retail Industry PGDM-RM
28 07/07/2018 JIMS Rohini organised a Workshop on Skills Vs Knowledge PGDM-IB & RM
29 16/04/2018 JIMS Alumni Coffee Series XV exclusively for PGDM-Retail Management PGDM-RM
30 20/03/2018 JIMS Rohini organised a mall visit to DLF Emporio for PGDM - Retail Management students (batch 2017-19) PGDM-RM
31 14/03/2018 JIMS Retail Club Creador organised an activity 'REINVIGORATE' PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
32 01/02/2018 JIMS Rohini organised guest lecture on Customer Experience in Digital Era PGDM-RM
33 31/01/2018 Store Opening Through Window Dressing PGDM-RM
34 14/12/2017 A Workshop on Visual Merchandising ‘The Art of Visual Display’ PGDM-RM
35 22/11/2017 JIMS Retail Club Creador organized an activity Inventure - Innovate and Sell PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
36 14/11/2017 Guest Lecture on Trends in Technology and its impact in Retail Industry PGDM-RM
37 25/10/2017 Guest Lecture on Personality Development Portfolio PGDM-RM
38 31/08/2017 JIMS PGDM- Retail Management students participated in Retail Summit & Expo (RISE) hosted by RAI PGDM-RM
39 30/08/2017 JIMS Retail Club Creador organized Cobra De Escada- Rolling for Brands PGDM-RM
40 16/08/2017 GST (Goods & Service Tax) PGDM-RM
41 11/08/2017 JIMS Rohini organized an industrial visit to Neetee Clothing Pvt. Ltd., Gurugram PGDM-RM
42 26/07/2017 PGDM- RM Students (Batch 2016-18) Visited MORE RETAIL STORE BY - ADITYA BIRLA GROUP LTD. PGDM-RM
43 26/07/2017 JIMS organised an ice breaking session RM Extravaganza PGDM-RM
44 22/07/2017 One Day Workshop on Statistics for PGDM-RM Batch 2017-19 PGDM-RM
45 08/07/2017 B-Schools to Corporate PGDM-RM
46 07/12/2016 JIMS Retail Club - Credor organized Poster making competition on Retail brand positioning PGDM-RM
47 11/08/2016 PGDM-RM Students attend Delhi Retail Summit 2016 PGDM-RM
48 01/08/2016 RM Extravaganza PGDM-RM
49 19/10/2015 A Special Session on 'Tumblr' by Yahoo for PGDM-RM PGDM-RM
50 10/10/2015 Guest Session on Indian Retail – Next Growth Story with Challenges and Opportunities PGDM-RM
51 05/08/2015 Brand Tambola organised by Retail Club PGDM-RM
52 29/07/2015 Rapid on Boarding- Workshop for PGDM-RM(2015-17) PGDM-RM
53 20/04/2015 Window Display by PGDM-RM students PGDM-RM
54 17/03/2015 Mood Board Activity for PGDM-RM students PGDM-RM
55 03/03/2015 Fashion Retail Internship at Major Brands - PGDM-RM( 2014-16) PGDM-RM

IB Club

IB Club is a platform created by IB students for their holistic development and growth . The forum acts as an interface between the academics and corporate world and also provides interaction and understanding between the first and second year students.. The club has developed very close relation with various Government bodies viz FIEO ( under Ministry of Commerce) , Assocham, EPCS ( under Ministry of Commerce) etc.

Faculty Incharges

  • Dr B.K Som

Student Coordinator

  • Ishaan Gupta
  • Saumya Gupta
  • Kunal Khetarpal
  • Gaurav Chauhan
  • Nitika Sahu

Some of the Events Organized by IB Club:

Sno Event Date Title Programme
1 03/08/2019 JIMS Rohini organised Guest Lecture on Export/Import Fuelled by Technology PGDM-IB
2 01/08/2019 JIMS Rohini organised Guest Lecture on Procedure of Export and Import PGDM-IB
3 27/07/2019 JIMS Rohini organised IB Connect 2019 for PGDM-International Business (Batch 2019-21) PGDM-IB
4 20/07/2019 JIMS Rohini organised A General Quiz for PGDM-IB(2019-21) Batch PGDM-IB
5 15/07/2019 JIMS Rohini organised Guest Lecture on Entrepreneurship for the students of PGDM-International Business (Batch 2019-21) PGDM-IB
6 13/07/2019 JIMS Rohini Organised Workshop on POWER OF LINKED IN for PGDM-International Business Students PGDM-IB
7 13/07/2019 JIMS Rohini Organized Guest Lecture on Financial Risk Management for PGDM-IB(2018-20) Batch PGDM-IB
8 06/07/2019 JIMS Rohini Organised Workshop on Carve out the real you in yourself for PGDM-IB Batch (2019-2021) PGDM-IB
9 03/07/2019 JIMS Rohini Orientation Program 10th Batch of PGDM - International Business (2019-2021) PGDM-IB
10 08/04/2019 JIMS Rohini Congratulates its Alumni Ms.Drishti Bhutani, Territory sales manager, PGDM-IB
11 29/03/2019 JIMS Rohini PGDM-IB Students Excursion Trip to Worlds of Wonder, Noida PGDM-IB
12 16/02/2019 JIMS Rohini IB Club Organised Riskypedia PGDM-IB
13 05/02/2019 JIMS Rohini PGDM IB Students attended the event Promoting Exports through Standards organised by FIEO PGDM-IB
14 01/02/2019 JIMS Rohini organised A special Session on "Thinking towards European Business Integration Model" PGDM-IB
15 08/12/2018 JIMS Rohini organised Guest Session on Can we avoid sales in professional life? PGDM-IB
16 05/09/2018 International Educational Tour to DUBAI - 2018 PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
17 23/02/2018 JIMS PGDM-IB Students attended FIEO Summit on Interactive session with RBI, FEDAI and IBA PGDM-IB
18 01/12/2017 Visit to Karmaarth of PGDM-IB Students on 1st Dec 2017. PGDM-IB
19 10/08/2017 Industrial Visit of PGDM-IB (2016-18) to the Inland Container Depot (Tughlakabad) PGDM-IB
20 26/07/2017 Guest Lecture on Various Incentives for Exports and Shipping and Customs Clarence of Goods PGDM-IB
21 19/07/2017 Annual event IB Connect Organized by JIMS IB Club PGDM-IB
22 31/03/2017 Educational Trip to Dubai PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
23 10/02/2017 JIMS IB Club has organized a trip to Aravali Resorts PGDM-IB
24 02/08/2016 JIMS IB Club Organized its annual event “IB Connect” PGDM-IB
25 03/03/2016 JIMS IB Club “IB Connect” organized an activity on “Brand Re-creation” PGDM-IB
26 24/02/2016 Newspaper making activity on “ Make in India” for PGDM-IB(2015-17) students PGDM-IB
27 16/12/2015 Extempore @ JIMS by IB Club on 16th Dec 2015 PGDM-IB
28 29/10/2015 Knowledge Symposium 2015 on Managing Operational Impediments and FOREX Volatility in International Trade PGDM-IB
29 31/07/2015 IB Connect PGDM-IB
30 14/07/2015 Guest Lecture on International Manager Challenges & Opportunities PGDM-IB

Entrepreneurship Cell


Tarkash’ is an Entrepreneurship Cell in JIMS, which aims to instil entrepreneurial mind-sets in the students as well as to encourage them to develop and showcase their business ideas. Considering that present generation is highly creative, has risk taking abilities and has got lots of exposure, they just need to identify and channelize their ideas in the right direction. Under Tarkash, students from across different course programs, organize activities and events to create awareness on the Start-Up ecosystem, encourage business ideas and motivate students towards entrepreneurship.

Faculty Incharges

  • Dr. Sumesh Raizada

Student Coordinator

  • Diksha Madaan
  • Kunal Dua
  • Vivek Chandran
  • Aashi Jain
  • Vikas Yadav
  • Uddish Kharbanda
  • Sanya Bhatia
  • Shivangi Trivedi
  • Janhavi Seth
  • Mayank Satija
  • Rakshit Narula
  • Kartik Saxena

Some of the Events Organized by Entrepreneurship Club:

Sno Event Date Title Programme
1 20/07/2019 JIMS Rohini - Institution’s Innovation Council organised Session on My Entrepreneurial Journey PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
2 03/07/2019 JIMS Rohini Internal quality assurance cell organised a session with renowned Professor Justin Paul from Rollins college, Florida and University of PR USA. PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
4 15/02/2019 JIMS Rohini organised Motivational Session Panache 2019 PGDM
5 23/01/2019 JIMS Rohini organised E-summit 2019 YUVA-Preneurship From Passion to Pragmatism PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
6 05/12/2018 Jagan Institute of Management Studies, Rohini organized a symposium on Credit and Banking schemes available for MSME sector for Bawana Chamber of Industries PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
7 17/11/2018 JIMS Rohini E-Cell Tarkash Organized Entrepreneurs Battle Field Activity Pitching of Business Idea PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
8 28/08/2018 JIMS Rohini organised A guest lecture on Entrepreneurship Motivation PGDM
9 18/08/2018 Commencement of START-UP INCUBATION PROGRAM at Jagannath Incubation Centre (JIC) PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
10 21/04/2018 JIMS, organized IEC-2018 - Innovation & Entrepreneurship Conclave PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
11 26/03/2018 JIMS E-CELL organized Session on 'HOW TO START YOUR OWN BUSINESS' PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
15 27/11/2017 JIMS E Cell TARKASH Organized Entrepreneurial Untold Success Story Telling Contest PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
16 11/09/2017 Rekindling The Vintage organized by E-Club ‘Tarkash’ PGDM
17 19/11/2016 JIMS E-cell organized PITCH IT UP PGDM
18 09/09/2016 E cell organized an activity on "how to pen down my plan" PGDM
19 11/08/2016 Workshop on Entrepreneurship Development Program by NIESBUD PGDM
20 04/02/2016 MOCK PERSONAL INTERVIEW for BCA and BBA Students BBA & BCA
21 28/01/2016 Entrepreneurhsip club members from JIMS attended the LEAD Start up Conclave PGDM

Gender Championship Club

The objective of this club is to make the young boys and girls gender sesitive and create positive norms and understanding the value and work of both the genders and their rights.

Faculty Incharges

  • Ms. Sugandha
  • Ms. Chandni

Student Coordinator

  • Tripti Gupta
  • Prachi Aggarwal
  • Vinav Ahuja
  • Yuvraj kohli
  • Tanmay Sadhnalao
  • Somya Saxena
  • Somya Sethi
  • Aniket
  • Kirti Bhardawaj
  • Mayank Sharma
  • Nimisha
  • Manish
  • Vikhayat Rana
  • Sahil Ghai

Some of the Events Organized by Gender Championship Club:

Health Series Club

It provides a platform to our students where they can interact with experts from medical domain and understanding the facts about health condition and diseases. It include activities like: Health awareness series by different medical experts.

Faculty Incharges

  • Mr. Devesh Lowe
  • Ms. Bhawna Galhotra

Some of the Events Organized by Health Series Club:

Academic Club

The aim of the academic club is to identify areas of interest related to the use of learning technologies in support of learning and overall development of students. It focuses on set of skills like : Time management, Presentation skills, leadership and management skills in the students.

Faculty Incharges

  • Dr. Deepak Chahal
  • Ms. Ankita Chopra
  • Ms. Sonal Pahwa

Student Coordinator

  • Ankita kwatra
  • Shubangi Gupta
  • Jagrit Bawri

Some of the Events Organized by Academic Club:

Sno Event Date Title Programme
1 02/08/2019 JIMS Rohini organised Industrial Visit to Moon Beverages Pvt Ltd. for PGDM Batch (2019-21) PGDM
2 02/08/2019 JIMS CONNECT: An Alumni Interaction Series 2019 -2020 A Guiding Note from Alumnus. MCA
3 02/07/2019 JIMS Rohini Orientation Program for PGDM Batch (2019-21) on 2nd July 2019 PGDM
4 27/04/2019 JIMS Rohini organised International Conference on Advances in Management Practices - ICAMP 2019 PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
5 06/04/2019 Jims Rohini Organised Annual Management Seminar Surge 2K19 BBA
6 05/04/2019 Voter Awareness programme @ JIMS Rohini PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
7 29/03/2019 JIMS Rohini Academic Club organised - PICTIONARY BBA,BCA & MCA
8 02/03/2019 JIMS Rohini organised MDP on Leading through Personal Excellence for Managers and Managers of Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) PGDM
9 19/02/2019 JIMS Rohini organised Experiential Team Building Program PGDM
10 09/02/2019 JIMS Rohini organised An interactive session ALUMNI CONNECT BBA & BCA
11 04/02/2019 JIMS CONNECT: A Guiding Note from Alumnus An Alumni Interaction Series 2018 - 2019. BBA & BCA
12 25/01/2019 JIMS Rohini organised Prep placement Activity on How to improve interview performance for BCA & BBA Students BBA & BCA
13 15/01/2019 JIMS Rohini Organised pre placement activity titled “Stress Management and life skills” PGDM
14 15/01/2019 JIMS Rohini organised An Health Awareness Series –V on Healthy Lifestyle: In Pursuit to Fight Cancer BBA,BCA & MCA
15 14/01/2019 JIMS Rohini Organised a Guest Lecture on Career Options in Finance PGDM
16 12/01/2019 JIMS Rohini organised MDP on ‘Enhancing Group Discussion Skills’ for Senior Officers, Punjab and Sind Bank PGDM
17 08/01/2019 JIMS Rohini organised One Day Workshop (MDP) On It Proficiency Conducted For The Officers Of Punjab & Sind Bank BBA,BCA & MCA
18 05/01/2019 JIMS Rohini organised Workshop on Leading through Personal Excellence (Upgradation of Managerial Skills) for Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
19 14/12/2018 FDP on Machine Learning, Data Analytics and Image Processing (10-14 Dec, 2018) BBA,BCA & MCA
20 05/12/2018 JIMS Rohini organised Industrial Visit to AMUL, BANAS DAIRY, Faridabad PGDM
21 01/12/2018 JIMS Rohini Organised session on Preparatory tips to crack an interview PGDM
22 23/11/2018 JIMS Rohini congratulates Namrata Gupta and Mansi Srivastava , PGDM Batch 2017-19 participated in HRhythm at IIM - Kashipur PGDM
23 22/11/2018 JIMS Rohini organised Industrial Visit to Amul Dairy PGDM
24 27/08/2018 Academic Club of IP Department Of JIMS Rohini organised an Event - Project Presentation Competition BBA,BCA & MCA
25 12/03/2018 JIMS organized Robotics workshop for MCA students MCA
26 09/11/2016 JIMS ACADEMIC CLUB-IP organized quiz competition AROUND THE WORLD BBA,BCA & MCA
27 28/09/2016 Academic Club of JIMS organized an event “BRAIN TEASER” BBA,BCA & MCA
28 31/08/2016 JIMS ACADEMIC CLUB organized “SUDOKU” – The Number Puzzle BBA,BCA & MCA
29 16/03/2016 JIMS Academic club organized a Collage Making Competition PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
30 13/02/2015 Innovative Minds Charming Ads BBA,BCA & MCA
31 30/01/2015 The E-Waste Competition BBA,BCA & MCA

Economic Club

To give students clear undertsating of how indian ecomoy functions and how they can contribute towards economic development of the country. Such as: Business quiz, guest lectures, Awareness programmes.

Faculty Incharges

  • Ms. Mansi Madan
  • Ms. Aakansha Chopra

Student Coordinator

  • Mayank Sharma
  • Tripti Gupta
  • Pulkit Sharma
  • Mayank Girdhar
  • Mukul Gupta
  • Nikhil Kakkar
  • Somya Saxena
  • Vinav Ahuja
  • Nishta Kulwal
  • Arushi Tyagi
  • Ritik Saxena
  • Sakshi Grover
  • Hitakshi Gupta
  • Kavya Nasa
  • Abhishek Aggarwal

Some of the Events Organized by Economic Club:

tekQbe Club

The objective is to give a platform to the students where in students who have got good programming skills who can organise events related to programming and participate in other colleges, they can conduct talk session among themselves and junior students. Develope projects and can take up project from outside.

Faculty Incharges

  • Mr. Devesh Lowe
  • Ms. Bhawna Galhotra

Student Coordinator

  • Nikhil
  • Nancy
  • Amritpal Singh
  • Nimish

Some of the Events Organized by tekqbe Club:

Sno Event Date Title Programme
1 01/07/2019 IT Department of JIMS Rohini Organised FDP on Data Science BBA,BCA & MCA
2 31/05/2019 JIMS Rohini organised FDP on “Data Analysis Using R” BBA,BCA & MCA
3 11/05/2019 JIMS Rohini International Conference (ICICCT-2019) technically sponsored by Springer CCIS and Computer Society of India (CSI) BCA & MCA
4 06/04/2019 TECHNOWHIZ 2019 - Rediscovering Technologies: Changing the Directions BBA,BCA & MCA
5 01/04/2019 Tekqbe, IT club of JIMS had organized a successful workshop on Cyber security and hacking BBA,BCA & MCA
6 16/03/2019 Jims Rohini Organised PRASTUTI – Inter college Techno Management Presentation Contest MCA
8 20/08/2018 Tekqbe, IT club of JIMS organised a Session on "File Handling in C" BCA
9 12/01/2018 JIMS IP department organized an alumni interaction session for BCA students BCA

Literary Society - Expression

The society has been constituted to foster creativity, build confidence in verbal communication and support exchange of varied ideas/opinions openly.

Faculty Incharges

  • Dr. Deepti Kakar

Student Coordinator

  • Sachin Sinha
  • Abhishek
  • Adarsh
  • Harshita Gupta
  • Ashita
  • Raj
  • Nidhi Goel
  • Gaurav

Some of the Events Organized by Literary Society:

Cultural Club

Cultural club of JIMS aims to encourage students’ interest, participation, and responsibility in the ingenious field through creativity across varied program & scope. The inventiveness is to provide social and cultural activities for the students. The club meets regularly and provides inspiration and opportunity to students to work on individual and group activities. The students develop and organize activities which help them to demonstrate and develop their leadership and decision making skills. The club provide a learning experience for the members as students are responsible for the organizing, public relations, regulating, and scheduling activities. The club provides a comforting vent for students who are inclined to share their creativity and talents. It helps them to reach out to various institutes and universities through various activities and widen their spectrum.

Faculty Incharges

  • Mr. N P Singh
  • Dr. Amisha Gupta

Student Coordinator

  • Jitender Khatri (President)
  • Disha (Vice-President)
  • Sarthak Sharma
  • Divya
  • Heena
  • Ridham
  • Poorva
  • Yash
  • Ashika
  • Srishti
  • Tanveer
  • Aashita Sharma
  • Swati Garg
  • Sneha Shukla
  • Prateek Sharma
  • Divyanshi
  • Mayank Sharma
  • Divya Joshi

Some of the Events Organized by Cultural Club:

Sno Event Date Title Programme
1 22/07/2019 JIMS Rohini celebrated Jal Diwas as a part of Jal Shakti Abhiyaan by Government of India. PGDM
2 27/10/2018 JIMS Rohini Cultural Club Organized Dance Competition PGDM
3 29/08/2018 Cultural Club of JIMS Rohini organised an Event - JIMS Got Talent -- Courses --
4 24/08/2018 JIMS organised an Event - KNACKATHON for PGDM Students PGDM
5 23/03/2018 JIMS Cultural Club Organised Shaheed- The Martyrs of the Nation PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
6 25/03/2017 The Annual Debate 2K17 PGDM
7 15/10/2016 JIMS cultural club organized ROADIES 3.0 PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
8 10/09/2016 JIMS Cultural club organized FUN QUIZ for PGDM Students PGDM
9 06/08/2016 PGDM Freshers’ Welcome 2016 PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
10 27/02/2016 FOOTLOOSE’16 PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
11 02/02/2016 Youth Connect ‘Nukkad Natak’ Competition PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
13 26/08/2015 Freshers Party'13 - PGDM Batch 2015-2017 PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM

Patriotic Club

The youth of today will inherit the nation tomorrow to keep faith with those who have gone before and upon whose toil and sacrifice the nation was built, youth needs to show patriotism.

Faculty Incharges

  • Ms. Bhavna Galhotra
  • Ms. Natasha Narang
  • Ms. Geeta Sharma

Student Coordinator

  • Sunidhi
  • Abhishek
  • Simar
  • Yamini

Some of the Events Organized by Patriotic Club:

Sports Club

At JIMS we understand the importance of promoting the sports talent of the young generation and pursuance of this mission. Sports club offers opportunities for student to develop their leadership, mangement and organisational skills in addition to the benefits of physical activities and team participation.

Faculty Incharges

  • Mr. Sunny Seth
  • Dr. Navneet Joshi
  • Ms. Priyanka Gandhi

Student Coordinator

  • Hitakshi Gupta
  • Isham Taneja

Some of the Events Organized by Sports Club:

Sno Event Date Title Programme
2 27/08/2018 Sports Club of JIMS Rohini organised an Event - JIMS Warriors BBA,BCA & MCA
3 20/02/2016 JIMS had organized a Table Tennis Tournament BBA,BCA & MCA
4 28/01/2016 JIMS Annual Sports Meet PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM

Cultural Club

The aim of the cultural club is to organize the competition, internal celebrations and cultural program in the college. This club provide right platform for the students to showcase their talents. It makes the student confident and competent. It also encourages the budding talent of the college and develop their creative skills.

Faculty Incharges

  • Ms. Disha Grover
  • Ms. Ankita Sharma
  • Ms. Silky Madan

Student Coordinator

  • Nishta
  • Deepanshu
  • Shubham Choudhary
  • Ashutosh
  • Miland, and
  • Tripti
  • Meghali

Some of the Events Organized by Cultural Club: