Guest Lecture

Guest lecture aims to redefine the concept of training and development. The lectures are imparted with an aim of improving and targeting the right competencies for the students and the audience.

Sno Event Date Title Programme
1 10/08/2019 JIMS Rohini organised Guest Lecture on ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND ITS IMPACT ON FINANCIAL SERVICES for PGDM Batch (2018-20) PGDM
2 03/08/2019 JIMS Rohini organised Guest Lecture on Branding and Market Positioning PGDM-RM
3 03/08/2019 JIMS Rohini organised Guest Lecture on Export/Import Fuelled by Technology PGDM-IB
4 02/08/2019 JIMS CONNECT: An Alumni Interaction Series 2019 -2020 A Guiding Note from Alumnus. MCA
5 01/08/2019 JIMS Rohini organised Guest Lecture on Procedure of Export and Import PGDM-IB
6 20/07/2019 JIMS Rohini - Institution’s Innovation Council organised Session on My Entrepreneurial Journey PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
7 15/07/2019 JIMS Rohini organised Guest Lecture on Entrepreneurship for the students of PGDM-Retail Management (Batch 2019-21) PGDM-RM
8 15/07/2019 JIMS Rohini organised Guest Lecture on Entrepreneurship for the students of PGDM-International Business (Batch 2019-21) PGDM-IB
9 13/07/2019 JIMS Rohini Organized Guest Lecture on Financial Risk Management for PGDM-IB(2018-20) Batch PGDM-IB
10 12/07/2019 JIMS Rohini organised Guest lecture on Online Retailing with Team Zerokaata PGDM-RM
11 23/03/2019 Guest session on “Understanding Nuances of Job Analysis” for PGDM batch (2018-20) PGDM
12 15/02/2019 JIMS Rohini organised Motivational Session Panache 2019 PGDM
13 09/02/2019 JIMS Rohini organised An interactive session ALUMNI CONNECT BBA & BCA
14 09/02/2019 Guest lecture on 'Scope of Retail & Marketing in Management Consulting Firms' for PGDM RM Students Batch 2018-20 PGDM-RM
15 04/02/2019 JIMS CONNECT: A Guiding Note from Alumnus An Alumni Interaction Series 2018 - 2019. BBA & BCA
16 02/02/2019 JIMS Rohini Organised a Guest Session on Power of LinkedIn for PGDM Students PGDM
17 01/02/2019 JIMS Rohini organised A special Session on "Thinking towards European Business Integration Model" PGDM-IB
18 25/01/2019 JIMS Rohini organised Prep placement Activity on How to improve interview performance for BCA & BBA Students BBA & BCA
19 22/01/2019 Guest Session on “Importance of Team Work in Organisation” for PGDM Batch (2018-20) PGDM
20 19/01/2019 JIMS Rohini organised a guest lecture on “Role of Retail & Marketing in Financial Services” PGDM-RM
21 16/01/2019 JIMS Rohini Organised an Investor Awareness Programme for PGDM Students PGDM
22 15/01/2019 JIMS Rohini Organised pre placement activity titled “Stress Management and life skills” PGDM
23 15/01/2019 JIMS Rohini organised An Health Awareness Series –V on Healthy Lifestyle: In Pursuit to Fight Cancer BBA,BCA & MCA
24 14/01/2019 JIMS Rohini Organised a Guest Lecture on Career Options in Finance PGDM
25 08/12/2018 JIMS Rohini organised Guest Session on Can we avoid sales in professional life? PGDM-IB
26 13/11/2018 JIMS Rohini organised Guest Session on Entrepreneurial Challenges for students of PGDM-Retail Management PGDM-RM
27 03/11/2018 Alumni Interaction on Exports Product, Procedure and Risk Management PGDM-IB
28 30/10/2018 JIMS Rohini organised Guest Lecture on Professional Ethics & Frauds PGDM-RM
29 27/10/2018 JIMS Rohini organised a guest lecture on “Retail Sales” for PGDM-Retail Management students PGDM-RM
30 25/10/2018 JIMS Rohini organised Guest Lecture on HOW TO COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY PGDM
31 25/10/2018 JIMS Rohini organized an interactive session for students of PGDM-Retail Management batch (2017-19) PGDM-RM
32 22/10/2018 JIMS Rohini organised Guest Lecture on Location Matters-The Importance of Retail PGDM-RM
33 17/10/2018 JIMS Rohini organised a guest session on POWER OF COMMUNICATION PGDM
34 13/10/2018 JIMS Rohini organised a guest session for BCA Students BCA
35 13/10/2018 JIMS Rohini Literary Society organised an event on Battle it out PGDM
36 13/10/2018 JIMS Rohini organised a guest lecture on Applying Lean Kaizen for Business Process Improvement PGDM
37 08/10/2018 JIMS Rohini organised a guest lecture on Customer Engagement in a Networked Society PGDM
38 24/09/2018 JIMS Rohini organised Health Awareness Series (version 4.0) BBA,BCA & MCA
39 18/09/2018 JIMS Rohini organised Guest Session on Skillset Required to Meet Expectations of Retail Industry PGDM-RM
40 28/08/2018 JIMS Rohini organised A guest lecture on Entrepreneurship Motivation PGDM
41 11/08/2018 IP Department of JIMS Rohini organised a Guest Lecture on Managing Organizational Psychology for MCA Second Year Students MCA
42 28/07/2018 JIMS HR Club Samanvay organised Guest Lecture on ‘Corporate Expectations from Budding Managers: Myths and Realities’ and HR Workshop PGDM
43 25/07/2018 JIMS Rohini organised a Guest Lecture on “Goal Setting & Corporate Expectation” for PGDM Students PGDM
44 24/07/2018 JIMS Rohini organised a Guest Session on “The Brand Called You” for PGDM Students PGDM
45 09/07/2018 JIMS Rohini organised a Guest Session on Transformational leadership PGDM
46 26/03/2018 JIMS Marketing Club Marquest Organized a Guest Session on Politics and its Effect on World Economies PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
47 17/03/2018 Understanding the GOOGLY in facing behaviourally anchored interview PGDM
48 15/03/2018 JIMS Finance Club InvestoFin organized a Session on "Financial Empowerment through Financial Education" PGDM
49 09/03/2018 JIMS Finance Club InvestoFin organized a special session on Stock Market - Bull, Deer or Bear….A Time to Invest or Fear PGDM
50 19/02/2018 Guest Session on Road to moneymaking-JOB or Business BBA
51 17/02/2018 JIMS Organized a Guest Lecture on LEADERSHIP OF THE SELF PGDM
52 12/02/2018 JIMS Organized a Motivational Session By Mr. Hitesh Ramchandani PGDM
53 01/02/2018 JIMS Rohini organised guest lecture on Customer Experience in Digital Era PGDM-RM
54 29/01/2018 Guest Lecture on Art of Public Speaking BBA
55 29/01/2018 PGDM International Business organised a Guest Alumni Session on Challenges of International Business Expansions PGDM-IB
56 18/01/2018 Guest Lecture on Career Opportunities in Financial Market BBA
58 12/01/2018 JIMS IP department organized an alumni interaction session for BCA students BCA
59 15/12/2017 Guest Session on Challenges and Opportunities of Entrepreneurship PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
60 04/12/2017 JIMS Organized a Session on ACE EQUITY PGDM
61 18/11/2017 Guest Lecture on ESSENTIALS OF INTERVIEW PGDM
62 18/11/2017 Guest Lecture on AN ODE TO DREAM AND PASSION PGDM
63 14/11/2017 Guest Lecture on Trends in Technology and its impact in Retail Industry PGDM-RM
64 11/11/2017 Guest Lecture on The Brand called You PGDM-IB
65 31/10/2017 Guest Lecture on Placement Activity for BBA and BCA Students BBA & BCA
66 28/10/2017 Guest Lecture on Digital Financial Services-Products and Career Opportunities in India PGDM-IB
67 25/10/2017 Guest Lecture on Personality Development Portfolio PGDM-RM
68 14/10/2017 Guest Lecture on An Overview of Rural Marketing in India PGDM
69 14/10/2017 JIMS Marketing Club in association with Sparsh organized a selling activity - Selling for a Cause PGDM
70 12/10/2017 Guest Lecture on Cyber Security BCA
71 08/09/2017 Special Session on Sales & Distribution on 8th Sept 2017 PGDM
72 29/08/2017 A session on DIGITAL MARKETING PGDM
73 19/08/2017 JIMS organised a Guest Lecture On Guesstimate PGDM
74 04/08/2017 A Session on Entrepreneurship for PGDM Year I students PGDM
75 04/08/2017 Motivational Lecture on 'Master of Supply Chain Mumbai Dabbawala' PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
76 27/07/2017 Guest Lecture on “GST” by Mr Chandan Agarwal(Head-Taxation, Dabur India Pvt Ltd) PGDM-IB
77 26/07/2017 Guest Lecture on Various Incentives for Exports and Shipping and Customs Clarence of Goods PGDM-IB
78 22/07/2017 Special Session on GST PGDM
79 22/07/2017 Guest Lecture on Goods and Service Tax PGDM
80 08/07/2017 B-Schools to Corporate PGDM-RM
81 08/07/2017 Guest Lecture on Expectations @ Corporate for PGDM-IB(2017-19) PGDM-IB
82 22/03/2017 Portfolio Management and Mutual Funds PGDM
83 18/02/2017 Guest lecture on Exploring Opportunities for Financing a Start-up PGDM
84 24/01/2017 Guest Lecture on – Penetrating International Markets-How different it is from local market PGDM-IB
85 21/01/2017 Guest Lecture on – Unleashing the secret of getting success in a selection process-Summer Internship PGDM-IB
86 20/01/2017 Guest Lecture on RESUME WRITING BBA & BCA
87 06/12/2016 JIMS Finance Club - InvestoFin organized Stock Trading Competition – StockMIND PGDM
88 24/11/2016 NSE’s Certification in Financial Markets PGDM & PGDM-IB
89 26/09/2016 Guest Lecture on “Career Opportunities in UK” BBA & BCA
90 03/09/2016 Career Counselling for BCA Students BCA
91 03/08/2016 Guest Lecture on “Secrets to Becoming an Unstoppable Entrepreneur” for PGDM-IB PGDM-IB
92 14/07/2016 Address by Prof. R.P.Maheshwari, Director General, JIMS, Rohini PGDM
93 19/04/2016 Guest Lecture On “Patanjali boom make global biggies sweat” BBA
94 04/04/2016 Guest Lecture on Sales and Marketing Strategies of Hindustan Levers PGDM
95 02/04/2016 JIMS Entrepreneurship club Organised Guest Lecture On Startup Early PGDM
96 21/03/2016 Guest Lecture on Code Optimization MCA
97 16/03/2016 Guest Lecture on Functioning, Challenges & Career Opportunities in Treasury PGDM-IB
98 15/03/2016 Resume Writing and Tips to Crack Personal Interview BBA & BCA
99 04/03/2016 Guest Lecture on “Emerging Trends in Payment Systems in India” PGDM-IB
100 04/03/2016 Guest Lecture on “ 5 Secrets of Great Presentation” BCA
101 24/02/2016 JIMS organized Guest Lecture on SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT IN E-COMMERCE PGDM
103 04/02/2016 InvestoFin - Finance Club of JIMS organised an introductory session on Financial Modelling PGDM
104 28/01/2016 E_Commerce Business in India: the Future and the Current Challenges and the Skill Sets Required to Succeed in this Space PGDM
105 23/01/2016 Guest Session on 'Issues and Challenges in Sales and Marketing' PGDM
106 22/01/2016 Guest Session on MBA Career Opportunities and Corporate Expectations PGDM
107 23/11/2015 Session by Lt. Rita Gangwani PGDM
108 26/10/2015 Guest Lecture on Brand Management & Advertising PGDM
109 19/10/2015 Guest Lecture on Starting Your Start-Up PGDM-RM
110 19/10/2015 A Special Session on 'Tumblr' by Yahoo for PGDM-RM PGDM-RM
111 13/10/2015 Guest Lecture on European Union PGDM-IB
112 10/10/2015 Guest Session on Indian Retail – Next Growth Story with Challenges and Opportunities PGDM-RM
113 23/07/2015 Session on Energy Conservation and Safety PGDM
114 14/07/2015 Guest Lecture on International Manager Challenges & Opportunities PGDM-IB
115 19/12/2014 Guest Lecture on Footwear & Leather Retail- PGDM-RM( 2013-15) PGDM-RM
116 22/11/2014 Interactive Session on How To Be Highly Successful in Today's Competitive World, Be an Effective and Respected Manager PGDM
117 21/11/2014 Guest Lecture on "Digital Customer Experience in an Interactive Space" PGDM
118 18/10/2014 Interactive Session on Change Management, how change is inevitable in today’s environment" PGDM
119 18/10/2014 Interactive Session on "Entrepreneurship-Challenges and Opportunities" PGDM
120 16/10/2014 Interactive Session by National Stock Exchange Experts on "NSE's Certification in Financial Markets" PGDM
121 13/10/2014 Guest Lecture on “Role of Internet in Real Estate Industry” PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
122 11/10/2014 Interactive Session on "Wearing two different HATS; CAMPUS learning and CORPORATE, the real battle in REALITY" PGDM
123 10/09/2014 Interactive Session on 'Travel Retail in India - A Category Analysis' PGDM-RM
124 06/09/2014 Interactive Session on “Investment Banking Landscape-Challenges and Opportunities” PGDM-IB
125 29/03/2014 Interactive Session on "Market Overview - Business Research" PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
126 28/03/2014 Interactive Session on "Media" PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
127 22/03/2014 Interactive Session on "B2B Sales (Corporate Sales)" PGDM
128 13/02/2014 Interactive Session on Motivation MCA
129 14/12/2013 Interactive Session on "Contemporary issues in Marketing" PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
130 23/11/2013 Interactive Session on "Contemporary Developments in HR" PGDM
131 16/11/2013 Interactive Session on "Fundamentals of Quantitative Valuation and Financial Modeling" PGDM
132 24/08/2013 Interactive Session on "Opportunities in Insurance Sector" PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
133 27/07/2013 Guest Lecture on "Campus to Corporate Retail Perspective" PGDM-RM
134 27/07/2013 Interactive Session on “Financial Literacy Agenda for Mass Empowerment” PGDM
135 27/07/2013 Interactive Session on “Shaping Your Careers in Marketing in Challenging Times” PGDM
136 20/07/2013 Guest Lecture on “The Driver of Organizational Performance” PGDM, PGDM-IB & RM
137 20/07/2013 Career Guidance Session & Alumni Interaction PGDM