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JIMS Rohini Presents Department of Information Technology organising Annual IT Seminar TechnoWhiz On Rediscovering Technologies- Changing the Directions Key focus areas- a. 5G Mobile Technology b. Data Science


RediscoveringTechnologies: Changing the Directions


Freedom of technology isthe new law, Data access is the new trend, and rediscovering the existingtechnologies is the new direction. The technology has revolutionized to theextent that it has become our lives. From computers to laptops to smart phonestechnology has started ruling us.  Organizations are working and doing researchon concepts they had never even thought before. Today, humongous amount of datais uploaded and accessed on internet, which is dissolving the gap betweensystems and cloud but simultaneously increasing the security risk. Memory sizes,memory type, data storage, file type, file size was already there; but today,we are just re-inventing the existing ones.  

We are experiencing thebenefits of traditional computing machines which are primarily digital innature. Living in a world governed by these digital devices, is an experiencewhich has redefined boundaries of our social life. From entertainment to socialnetworking, and from data processing to data analytics, we have gained heightsfor which these digital processing devices were designed. Our hunger forknowledge grows and so grows our need for technologies beyond what is given. Thetechnological appetite has enlarged to the extent of exploding, resulting inwider scope for fields like- Big Data, Data Science, IoT, Machine Learning,Augmented Reality, Quantum Computing, Machine Learning, SEO etc.  Withthe lightning momentum of technological growth, we are moving faster and fastertowards new doors of advancements. Its an old saying that “Change is thenew Constant”, and yes we are changing and evolving. We are evolving fromtraditional systems to new age

In this edition of ourannual infotech symposium ‘TechnoWhiz’, we propose to discuss a glimpse of thefuture from the window of present. With discussions on future innovations anddedicated technical sessions on DataScience and 5G Technology, thisseminar is an attempt from JIMS to rediscover what’s already written. DataScience is amalgamation of various verticals into new era of computing. Corporationsare investing a lot of money and intellect and are using various tools of datascience for data analysis, pattern identification and specialized algorithmsfor specific needs.  5G represents thenew era in mobile and communication technology. It promises a faster and morereliable connection which may provide appx 100 times faster data transferspeed. This technology is bound to fulfil the infrastructure need of billionsof IoT devices with extremely large amount of data storage. Expecting a launchin 2020, these technologies are surely going to change the way we use computerstoday.

JIMS invite you toTechnoWhiz 2019 and travel along the changing directions of technology.

Venue: Emerald Hall, 3rd floor,

Crowne Plaza, Rohini,

Sector-10, New Delhi.


Date:Saturday, 6th April 2019








8:30 am-9:15 am

Registration and Networking Tea

9:15 am- 11:00 am

Inaugural and Technical Session – I


11.00 am–12:30 pm

Technical Session – II




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