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Specialisation: Information Technology
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Dr. Swaty Wadhwa

Associate Professor - Management

Dr Swaty Wadhwa has done M.B.A., M.Sc (Computer Science) and completed her Ph.D degree in year 2013 from M.D.University, Rohtak. She has also cleared U.G.C- NET in the year 2012. She has a rich experience of more than 19 years in the industry as well as in Academia. She started her career as a Marketing Executive and soon promoted to marketing officer/ manager in year1998. She started her academic career with Vaish college, Rohtak and after that worked in the institutes affiliated to I.P Univers...
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PublicationsResearch and PublicationsMDP CoursesConferencesSeminarCases
Faculty NameTopicJournal NameISSN No/D.o.i numberYearWeblink of the PaperScopus Indexed
Dr. Swaty WadhwaSpirituality at Workplace: Is there a Dark Face too?International Journal of Research in Humanities, Arts and Literature2321-8878September,2018http://oaji.net/journal-archive-stats.html?number=488Google Scholar
Dr. Swaty WadhwaBlue Ocean Strategy: An opportunity for entrepreneurs to create uncontested marketJournal of Applied Management0976-032612/2017http://www.simsjam.net/index.php/Jidnyasa/article/viewFile/121042/83115Other
Dr. Swaty WadhwaTransforming HR: The digital wayTrinity Journal of Management, IT and Media2320-6470 12/2016not availableOther
Dr. Swaty WadhwaPeaceful Business: A Business With A Different PerspectiveSouth -Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies2349-785809/2016http://sajms.com/volume-3-issue-5/Other
Dr. Swaty WadhwaEmployee Retention: A Much Needed Strategy in Global Work EnvironmentIJEMR2250-075808/2017http://www.ijemr.net/DOC/EmployeeRetentionAMuchNeededStrategyInGlobalWorkEnvironment.pdfGoogle Scholar
Dr. Swaty WadhwaGreen HRM: A requirement for 21st centuryInternational Journal of Engineering and Management Research 2250-075808/2016http://www.ijemr.net/DOC/GREENHRMARequirementFor21stCentury(239-243).pdfGoogle Scholar
Dr. Swaty WadhwaEvery Employee's Story: From virtual expectation to the real satisfaction National Conference Proceedings Book titled Organizational Transformation in merging real and virtual world 978-16-31024-52-808/2015NAOther
Dr. Swaty WadhwaP-O fit: A strategy for an innovative workplaceNational Conference Proceedings Book titled “Innovations in IT, Management & Education-Digital India initiative (IIMEDII-2015)978-16-31024-51-108/2015NAOther
Dr. Swaty WadhwaA study on the important determinants of work culture in government hospitals in HaryanaContemporary issues in Commerce and Management 978-93-81771-33-408/2014NAOther
Dr. Swaty WadhwaInnovative Entrepreneurship: A factor beyond Imagination International Conference Proceedings Book titled “Innovative Entrepreneurship to Minimize Carbon Footprints978-93-83083-69-508/2014NAOther
Dr. Swaty WadhwaCorporate Social responsibility: A must for long run survivalin National Seminar Proceedings Book titled “Provisions of Companies Act, 2013 & Corporate Social respnsibility”978-81-931186-0-308/2014NAOther
Dr. Swaty WadhwaCulture Fit: A Global Strategy for a better hireGlobal Business Strategies978-93-83241-06-408/2013NAOther
Dr. Swaty WadhwaA study on factors inducing person- Organization fit in HaryanaInternational Conference Proceedings Book titled “Managing Innovations and Talent in the Highly Competitive Global Business Environment978-93-81771-18-108/2013NAOther
Dr. Swaty WadhwaEmployee engagement : A case study of LPS-Bossard Pvt. LtdCase studies in management978-93-5051-643-008/2011NAOther
Dr. Swaty WadhwaCurbing Black Money: Is Demonetization the right move?IJIFR2347-169707/2017http://www.ijifr.com/pdfsave/04-08-2017708IJIFR-V4-E11-044.pdfGoogle Scholar
Dr. Swaty WadhwaTalent Management: A Premise to Soar High for Long Term Organizational SuccessIJMER2277-788107/2017http://s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/ijmer/pdf/volume6/volume6-issue7(6)-2017.pdfGoogle Scholar
Dr. Swaty WadhwaWork Engagement: A Better Productivity Enhancement Tool than Job SatisfactionInternational Journal of Engineering Technology, Management and Applied Sciences2349-447607/2017http://s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/ijmer/pdf/volume6/volume6-issue7(6)-2017.pdfScopus Indexed
Dr. Swaty WadhwaWork Engagement: A Better Productivity Enhancement Tool than Job SatisfactionInternational Journal of Engineering Technology, Management and Applied Sciences2349-447607/2017http://www.ijetmas.com/admin/resources/project/paper/f201707041499178481.pdfScopus Indexed
Dr. Swaty WadhwaFlexitime: A success mantra for job satisfaction and worklife balanceNational Seminar Proceedings Book titled “Emerging Issues in Commerce” 978-81-927211-2-407/2015NAOther
Dr. Swaty WadhwaHuman Resource : An untapped area during RecessionBusiness Researcher 2321-265905/2013NAOther
Dr. Swaty WadhwaA Study on Satisfaction Level Variations of Medical Officers in HaryanaIJBMI2319 – 802804/2017https://www.ijbmi.org/papers/Vol(6)7/Version-1/I0607014448.pdfScopus Indexed
Dr. Swaty WadhwaDigital Transformation in HR: Unleashing its true potentialInternational Journal of Multidisciplinary research centre 2454-386103/2016file:///C:/Users/swaty/Downloads/c7fa03ae5bc13610b6a9c73ccc7289b4.pdf; http://ijmrc.com/archives.phpGoogle Scholar
Dr. Swaty WadhwaRole of P-O fit in improving the quality of hiring decisions in collegesResearcher’s Voice2231- 631003/2014NAOther
Dr. Swaty WadhwaEmployee engagement : A New Paradigm to Foster LearningResearcher’s Voice2231- 631003/2012NAOther
Dr. Swaty WadhwaEmpowering Women: Need of the eraSeminar Proceedings Book titled “Human Right Education"978-93-5254-259-802/2016not availableGoogle Scholar
Dr. Swaty WadhwaWomen Entrepreneurship in India: Problems and ProspectsNational Seminar Proceedings Book titled “Management of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMES) in India: Problems and Prospects”978-81-927211-2-402/2014NAOther