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JIMS offers ‘Operations’ as one of the specializations in PGDM program. Operations management functions as a backbone of any industry. Operations remain absolutely important right from the incubation of idea till the final delivery of product or services. Operations also ensures the retention of quality. High scope of operations in industry itself explains its benefits. Operations as specializations enhances the employability of a management graduate.

Apart from its scope operations offer an engaging tangible challenge. The tangible objectivity makes it one of the most interesting field to work in. Owing to the complexity involved in operations, effective teaching of operations becomes a challenge. Our expert and learned faculties at JIMS have designed a pedagogy that ensures the sustainable delivery of knowledge.

The pedagogy involves interactive learning, live industry cases and problem solving through soft tools. In contemporary times it is essential to make optimum and smart decisions. The pedagogy adopted at JIMS to teach this highly practical subject equips the student with effective decision making with smart computing tools.

A careful selection of courses is made with intense input from industry experts. The content is designed by a team of academicians and industry experts. The industry experts come from reputed companies that have achieved excellence in operations management. Eventually the courses taught under operations specialization are selected from the following electives;

  1. Materials & Inventory Management
  2. Operations Strategy
  3. TQM and Six Sigma
  4. Technology Management
  5. Logistics Management
  6. Project Management and Evaluation
  7. Business Analytics
  8. Service Operations Management
  9. Supply Chain Management
  10. Business Process Reengineering
  11. Productivity Management
  12. Modelling in Operations and Logistics
  13. Business Process Management
  14. ERP and E-Business
  15. International Logistics
  16. Global Business Strategy

The list of papers itself explain the productivity and relevance of operations management. We invite students to explore operations specialization in-depth and become an expert in quality delivery of business.

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