It is written in Chapter -6 of Mahopnishad a famous Hindu scriptures, “वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम”, that is “The entire world is a family”. As the time progressed the business didn’t remained compartmentalized and broke the boundaries of countries. Desire of men to make world know, his expertise and urge of earning more profits raised globally, compelled companies to go from local to global. In contemporary times even a start-up looks entire world as an ocean of potential opportunities. Globalization has now become a practicing thought than a mere notion once.

Globalization of business offered challenges that have never been faced before. Business expansion had constraints of laws, culture and diversity. In order to address these global challenges companies started to look for manpower that is skilled in managing business globally. This strategy actually worked for companies and their thrust for having such manpower increased over the time. At Jagan Institute of Management Studies we craft such global manpower. We offer Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM– International Business) as a two year full time program as JIMS, Sec-5, Rohini. The aspirants who are willing to work on global platforms and want to become global leaders shall opt for this program. The specialized papers in international business strengthen the program output. Students taking this course learn the skillset to compete globally and hence required by leading business enterprises of the world. Selecting PGDM– International Business Program can prove to be a decision of exponential career growth.

The key features of PGDM International Program can be summarized as;

  1. Dual Specialization (Finance and Marketing) along with International Business
  2. Possibility to pursue career in IB companies besides local Corporates.
  3. Opportunity to learn Foreign Language
  4. Merit Based Scholarship
  5. Possibility of International Placements.
  6. Interaction with International Corporate Personalities

Dr. Bhupender Kumar Som – Program Head (PGDM International Business)

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