GD is an effective tool in problem solving, decision making and personality assessment. Participants should know how to speak with confidence, how to exhibit leadership skills and how to make the group achieve the goals.

The panel which normally comprises of experts will observe and evaluate the members of the team. The panel does not interfere during the discussion, it only observes. The panel at its discretion may provide some time to think over the topic or may ask to start immediately. Each candidate is supposed to express his opinion either supporting or against the topic. [More] Tags: | Categories: Education
It is written in Chapter -6 of Mahopnishad a famous Hindu scriptures, “वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम”, that is “The entire world is a family”. As the time progressed the business didn’t remained compartmentalized and broke the boundaries of countries. Desire of men to make world know, his expertise and urge of earning more profits raised globally, compelled companies to go from local to global. In contemporary times even a start-up looks entire world as an ocean of potential opportunities. Globalization has now become a practicing thought than a mere notion once. [More] Tags: | Categories: Education

November 1706

Eye for Knowledge

We often argue and question the very basis of algorithms, theorems, cases and philosophies that we learn. Though questioning is good as it clarifies one’s doubts and helps to develop a better understanding of the concept while developing or presenting your case, but what if questioning and arguments are just to be argumentative and far away from real content. Doubting the intelligence of your seniors, teachers and Gurus for the sake of an argument is not appreciated. Every person gains knowledge through the means and resources available at the time. He develops his intelligence based on the knowledge gained through very means he often questions. Raising objections at a philosophy, a word of wisdom in order to identify or establish a new knowledge is rational thinking. Whether others accept it or mock it should be left to the good thinking of every individual. [More] Tags: | Categories: Education