The MHRD and UGC are trying to give autonomy at the college level. In its revised guidelines the UGC circular lays down criteria for granting autonomy. These conditions are fairly liberal. Apart from this, the policy makers at the top are leaving no stone unturned to lure leading colleges to apply for autonomy. [More] Tags: | Categories: Education
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During the past two decades, bulk of the expansion in higher education has been in the self-financial private sector. Research output in these institutions is often questioned. Recently the AICTE has come out with a research policy framework document written in collabration with clarivate Analyties. This document is entiled “ Aimming for excellence pathways to Institution advancement through Research”. [More] Tags: | Categories: Education
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It is often lamented that no Indian University or Institution figuers in the list of top 100 universities ranked by the three leading agencies namely The Times Higher education; Shanghai Ranking and QS Ranking. It is further pointed out that this is due to the low level of research activity (both quantitavely as well as qualitatively) in Indian universities. During the past 10 year or so, the statutory bodies (UGC, AICTE, MHRD, NAAC NBA etc) are trying to increase the research output of Indian Universities and institutions. The carrot & stick approach is being followed. [More] Tags: | Categories: Education
Now that most of the students who appeared for CAT or other examinations for entry to the prestigious Business schools are waiting eagerly for their results, many have already begun the preparation for the next stage of evaluation. The second round of screening involves group discussion and personal interview, though some of the B-schools have also introduced written ability test and extempore speech. Besides these, grooming, body language and etiquettes are inbuilt in the assessment parameters of GD and PI. All these criteria are important as Management institutions are supposed to build the future business leaders, entrepreneurs, academicians and even bureaucrats. [More] Tags: | Categories: Education
Everything in an organisation is done by people. Although technology has invaded work place and the way organisation’s function, still it is the people who makes the organisations run. Be it product development or service conceptualisation, production, logistics, delivery, innovation, it is the people who make critical and strategic decisions related to finance, marketing, technology, operations, production and information technology. Look at businesses across industries, be it Amazon, Flipkart, Apple, Google or Reliance Jio their success can be attributed to their unique business models and the way they were implemented and executed in time with extreme precision. And they were all conceptualised and executed by people on rolls. [More] Tags: | Categories: Education

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The pace with which ICT (Information and Communication Technology) is taking over across the world, it is also raising red flags for the environment at that same pace. The process of manufacturing a computer and even its smallest elements takes up a large number of raw materials, electricity, chemical, water and procreating nothing but hazardous waste. Moreover, if we consider the fact that a single PC (Personal Computer) in use creates about a ton of Carbon Dioxide every year, the threat these small wonder bones passes to Earth’s natural Carbon Cycle increases. [More] Tags: | Categories: Education

February 1827


Green computing can be defined as the study of designing, engineering, manufacturing, using and disposing of computing devices in a way that reduces their environmental impact. Many IT manufacturers and vendors are continuously investing in designing energy-efficient computing devices, reducing the use of dangerous materials and encouraging the recyclability of digital devices. [More] Tags: | Categories: Education
Jagan Institute of Management Studies is a popular Bschool in NCR for CAT and MAT aspirants. JIMS, Rohini was established in 1993. The postgraduate diploma in management (PGDM) is approved by AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) and is also accredited by NBA (National Board of Accreditation) for quality. The programme has been granted the equivalence of an MBA degree by AIU (Association of Indian Universities). [More] Tags: | Categories: Education
It is written in Chapter -6 of Mahopnishad a famous Hindu scriptures, वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम, that is “The entire world is a family”. As the time progressed the business didn’t remained compartmentalized and broke the boundaries of countries. Desire of men to make world know, his expertise and urge of earning more profits raised globally, compelled companies to go from local to global. In contemporary times even a start-up looks entire world as an ocean of potential opportunities. Globalization has now become a practicing thought than a mere notion once.

Globalization of busine [More] Tags: | Categories: Education
GD is an effective tool in problem solving, decision making and personality assessment. Participants should know how to speak with confidence, how to exhibit leadership skills and how to make the group achieve the goals.

The panel which normally comprises of experts will observe and evaluate the members of the team. The panel does not interfere during the discussion, it only observes. The panel at its discretion may provide some time to think over the topic or may ask to start immediately. Each candidate is supposed to express his opinion either supporting or against the topic. [More] Tags: | Categories: Education