Post Graduate Diploma in Management - Retail Management

Program Structure

Learning Environment, Pedagogy & Assessments

The programme team is friendly, experienced and supportive, and this combination leads to a degree programme which is stimulating, creative and challenging to anyone with retail in mind as a destination career. Learning will involve workshops, simulations and role-plays as well as the traditional lectures.

Combinations of coursework, essays, reports, presentations, portfolio, group work and examinations are used for assessment of the students. Students will also have undergo compulsory internship

Total Specializations offered - Marketing , HR & Entrepreneurial E-Commerce. To be taken up in Trim.IV- V

  • Total Marks of the programme : 4200
  • Total Credits of the programme : 175     (96 cr - I year; 79 cr - II year)
  • Total Credit (Compulsory courses): 35     Total Credit (Specialization courses) : 32
  • Total Courses(Trim.I-III )     Twenty six papers of 87 credits plus comprehensive viva-voce of 9 credits. (Summer Internship of 6-8 weeks)
  • Total Courses(Trim.IV-VI)     Eight core papers of 27 credits plus Two specialization electives of 32 credits. S.I. Project 8 credits & Final Project Viva of 12 credits
Year 1
Trimester - IMax. Marks Credit
Managerial Economics-I1004
Quantitative Techniques1004
Financial & Managerial Accounting1004
Principles & Concepts of Retail 1004
Marketing Management-11004
Fundamentals of Management503
IT Application in Management502
Executive Communication*502
Comprehensive viva-voce* 503
Trimester - IIMax. MarksCredit
Retail Store Operations1004
Financial Management-I1004
Marketing Management-II1004
Organizational Behaviour1004
Visual Merchandising1004
Sales Management & Retail Selling Skills1004
Concept of E-BIZ502
Managerial Economics-II502
Managerial Communication & Environmental Scanning* 502
Comprehensive viva-voce 503
* Compulsory Credit Module(1 credit, 50 marks)* Compulsory Credit Module(1 credit, 50 marks)
Trimester - IIIMax. MarksCredit
Business Research Methods1004
Human Resource Management 1004
Financial Management-II1004
Merchandising & Category Management1004
Consumer behaviour1004
Digital & Social Media Marketing1004
Luxury Retail502
Personality Development Portfolio*502
Retail Supply Chain Management502
Comprehensive viva-voce *503
Year 2
Trimester - IVMax. MarksCredit
Business Analytics503
Mall Management 503
Management of banking & insurance institutions.1004
Retail Strategic Management-I1004
Specialization-I 40016
Summer Internship report plus viva voce *2008
Trimester - VMax. MarksCredit
Franchising & Global Retailing1004
Retail Strategic Management-II503
Corporate Ethics in Retail502
Entrepreneurship and Innovation 1004
Trimester - VIMax. MarksCredit
Final Project & Viva 30012
Grand Total4200175
®Course Structure and credit applicable from 2017-19 batch
* Compulsory Credit Courses (Comprehensive Viva, Communication Courses, Summer Internship Project & Final Project)

Note: The Students must secure 168 credits out of 175 credit to be eligible for PGDM-RM Degree

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