Ms. Neha Goyal

Asst. Professor- Management

Specialisation: Finance and HR
*A teaching professional in the area of Human Resource Management with over 4 years of experience in the field. Thorough understanding of the subject with ability to convey the same to the students. Good communication and comprehension abilities. Have done some exciting projects in the said domain in collaboration with the industry. 
*Currently pursuing PHD in HR on the topic "Analysis of flexible workplace practices on employee effectiveness in E- commerce Industry"
*Brief role:
*Posses about four years experience in the field of education (both teaching and administration)
*Teaching & Mentoring the PG & UG level students in the area of Management
*Arranged expert meets for students on a periodic basis to create an interest about the subject
*Provided students with information outside the classroom such as the future prospects in the subject, the competitive exams, etc.
*Carried out practical sessions with explanation about the purpose of the experiment and the procedures that follow to seek results


  • UGC- NET
  • HR and Finance

Research & Publication

Management Development Programme


  • Ms. Neha Goyal, presented in Knowledge Symposium on "Emerging Opportunities and Risk Management" Organized By PGDM - International Business Department of JIMS, Sector-5, Rohini [17/10/2014-]
  • Ms. Neha Goyal, presented in HR STRATEGY SUMMIT- THE ‘R’ WORD – RE-TOOLING, RE-SKILLINNG and RE-JUVENATING Organized By JIMS, Sector-5, Rohini & Times of India [23/10/2013-]
  • Ms. Neha Goyal, presented in DIGITALIZATION OF BUSINESSES: PROMISES AND PERILS Organized By JIMS CONCLAVE 2016 [10/12/2016-]
  • Ms. Neha Goyal, presented in "Harnessing Multi-generational workforce" Organized By JIMS [19/09/2015-]
  • Ms. Neha Goyal, presented in BW Future of Education Summit Organized By Business World [07/04/2017-]
  • Ms. Neha Goyal, presented in Fast Forward – From Catch-up to Leadership Organized By AIMA [21/02/2017-]
  • Ms. Neha Goyal, presented in AIMA’s 43rd National Management Convention “India in the Asian Century : Cleaner, Smarter, Faster” Organized By AIMA [21/09/2016-]
  • Ms. Neha Goyal, presented in DMA-IBA 7th Mega HR Conclave Organized By DMA [20/08/2015-]
  • Ms. Neha Goyal, presented in “The Changing Role of Human Capital Management in a Globally Competitive Environment Organized By DMA & thomas assessments [03/07/2015-]
  • Ms. Neha Goyal, presented in AIMA's 9th National Research Conference "Future of Management Education in India" Organized By AIMA [31/03/2015-]


  • Relevance of CSR - PSE Perspectives by DMA - 22/07/2016
  • National Management Quiz by AIMA - 20/12/2014
  • “The New Age Marketing Variables” by AIMA - 10/02/2015
  • DMA Annual Management Convention by DMA - 27/11/2015
  • DMA Summit on “Building and Other Construction Workers Act” by DMA - 18/12/2015


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