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Published Papers

Faculty NameTopicCategory NameYear
Dr. Deepti Pathak“How to raise your Self-esteem”HRM-NewsletterJuly 2009
Dr. Deepti PathakOrganizational Stress and Individual AspirationsManagement Insight-The GBS Journal, published by G2011
Dr. Deepti PathakVariables Affecting Personal Effectiveness: An empirical study on B-School StudentsDrishtikon-A Management Journal- Symbiosis Center 2011
Dr. Deepti PathakModerating effect of personality variable on Stress-Effectiveness relationship: An empirical study on B-School StudentsVision-Journal of Business Perspective-MDI,Gurgaon2011
Dr. Deepti Pathak“Knowledge Management:Managing Knowledge Worker Across Different Stages of Employment”HRM Review, ICFAI Publications2009
Dr. Navneet Joshi“Microfinance, a tool for sustainable development and nurturing inclusive growth in the Indian Economy” International conference ISBN NO CORP-000186 2011
Dr. Navneet Joshi“Technology: A Leading Edge in the Microfinance Sector” International Conference ISBN NO 978-93-80697-69-7 2011
Dr. Navneet Joshi“Accountability of Microfinance for Sustainable development of Rural Economic” International Conference2011
Dr. Navneet Joshi“Global Financial Crisis – India’s stand during and Post recession” International Conference 2011
Dr. Navneet Joshi“Microfinance – A Tool to uplift Rural Poor” International Conference ISBN NO.13:978-0230-33231-7 2011
Dr. Navneet Joshi“Infrastructure Finance Contrivance for Economic Ripeness” International Finance Conference ISBN NO 978-93-80697-47-5 2011
Dr. Navneet Joshi“ICT as a change agent for Education” International Conference 2012
Dr. Navneet Joshi“Women Empowerment- rolling with Microfinance" International Conference 2012
Dr. Navneet Joshi“Impact of Banking sector Reforms on Productivity and Profitibility of Indian Banks” International Seminar 2008
Dr. Navneet Joshi“Indian Financial Services Industry under Globalization ” National Seminar2010
Dr. Navneet Joshi"Changing Face of Indian Retail Sector : Challenges and Opportunities"National Conference ISBN NO 978-93-81361-40-5 2011
Dr. Navneet Joshi“Development in Indian Financial System –A corporate perspective”National Conference 2012
Dr. Navneet Joshi“E-Marketing: Leading edge for booming business worldwide”International Conference 2011
Dr. Navneet Joshi“Regularizing the Micro Finance in India :Impact on its functioning” National Seminar 2012
Dr. Navneet Joshi“Islamic Banking – An ethical and equitable alternative to conventional Banking” National seminar ISBN NO: 978-93-80697-67-3 2011
Dr. Navneet Joshi“Accountability of Micro-finance for sustainable growth” International Conference, IBS, Bangalore 2012
Dr. Navneet Joshi"Global Financial Crisis- India's Stand During and Post-Recession"INDIAN JOURNAL OF RESEARCH, ISSN NO. 2231-6655VOLUME 1, JANUARY - JUNE 2011
Dr. Preeti SharmaInvestment risk managementAsian Journal of Research in Banking and Finance, ISSN: 2249-7323 • Research Paper on Investment Basics, Society of Management and Behavioral Science(SMBS), ISSN: 2231-3303 • “The Growth of Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) during the period 2005-10: An Empirical study.”Institute of technology and science • Performance of mutual Fund in India(Book ready for publication under “Galgotia Publication”  
Dr. Preeti SharmaMutual Funds vs ETFs: historical data, argumentative analysis and position. South asian Journal of Marketing and Management Research ,Listed at Ulrich periodicals directory USA "(SAJMMR)ISSN - 2249-877X" • An analysis of investment performance in Mutual Fund income schemes. Ideation Journal Of DIHE,Vol.III(2011-2012),57-64  
Dr. Ritu BajajHigher Education for Inclusive Growth of India- Concerns and Issues, Service led inclusive growth: To be or not to be?International Conference11 February 2012
Dr. Ritu BajajIssues in Modern Retail Formats, Haryana School of BusinessNational Conference10 Feb 2012
Dr. Ritu BajajHarnessing the Power of Gen Y!National Conference at Jaipuria Institute of ManagOctober 2011
Dr. Ritu BajajEmerging Modern Retail Formats: The new success mantra of Indian Retailers International conference on Entrepreneurship and 5th Feburary 2011
Dr. Ritu BajajComparative Study of Exclusive Branded Outlets (EBOs) & Multi Branded Outlets (MBOs): Issues & Challenges .International Conference on Innovative Business St 3rd January 2011
Dr. Ritu BajajFood security for Poor: Issues and Challenges at National Conference on Poverty and Inclusive Growth in India.National Conference, March 10-11, 2011. 
Dr. Ritu BajajCustomer-Centric Retail National Conference on Retail ExcellenceOctober 2012
Dr. Ritu BajajStore Location, Ambience and Security Decisions: An Empirical Study of Readymade Garment Retailers DIAS Technology Review the International Journal oOct 2011-March 2012.
Dr. Sumesh Raizada‘Branding of Industrial Products’ in the proceedings of International conference on Data Management held on January 8-9,2010 and organized by IMT, Ghaziabad & University of Greenwich, p 19 (paper presented)Abstract of Papers presented in Conference 2010
Dr. Sumesh RaizadaEleventh International seminar on Global meltdown or recession-India Vs rest of the world, on January 4-5,2010, organised by DSPSR, Delhi (paper presented)Abstract of Papers presented in Conference 2010
Dr. Sumesh RaizadaNational Conference at RIM, Rourkela on 23rd February, 2008 (paper presented)Abstract of Papers presented in Conference 2008
Dr. Sumesh Raizada‘Challenges and Strategies for SSI’- RIM, Rourkela, March’2007 (paper presented)Abstract of Papers presented in Conference 2007
Dr. Sumesh RaizadaNational seminar on ‘15 years of Economic Reforms’ – 11th & 12th, Nov.’2006, organized by AMU, Aligarh and Indian Economic Association, Co-author Prof. M.Ali, (paper presented)Abstract of Papers presented in Conference 2006
Dr. Sumesh Raizada–‘Mantra for Marketing: Go Rural for Survival’ in the AIMA journal ‘Indian Management’, February, 2012, pp 15-21Research Paper published in Journal2012
Dr. Sumesh Raizada‘Manage from Within’ (cover story) in the AIMA journal ‘Indian Management’, March, 2011, pp 14-24Research Paper published in Journal2011
Dr. Sumesh Raizada‘Scope of RFID in Supply chain management’ – Integral Review, June’2008, a management journal of Integral University, pp 117-128.Research Paper published in Journal2008
Dr. Sumesh RaizadaHow to seek Career in Reatil ManagmentRetail Managment2012
Dr. Sumesh Raizada‘7‘S’ Model of Business Branding’ - International Journal of Industrial Marketing, ISSN 2162-3066, September, 2011, pp 119-128Research Paper published in Journal2011
Dr. Sumesh Raizada–‘Business Intelligence: Strategic decision making in Retail’- International Journal of Computational Intelligence and Information Security (IJCIIS), ISSN: 1837-7823, August, 2011, pp 115-124Research Paper published in Journal2011
Dr. Sumesh RaizadaScope and Challenges of Rural Marketing in India, Excel BooksBooks (Edited) 2010
Dr. Sumesh RaizadaNational Conference on Retail Excellence, Excel India Books (Edited)2011
Dr. Sumesh Raizada‘9-E Model of E-Retailing’ in the International Journal of Retail Management and Research (IJRMR), ISSN: 2319-4502 Research Paper published in Journal-
Dr. Sumesh Raizada‘Relevance of Colours in Marketing’ in International Journals of Marketing and Technology (IJMT) ISSN: 2249-1058, April, 2012, pp 167-186Research Paper published in Journal2012
Dr. Sumesh Raizada‘Significance of Branding in Industrial Marketing’ in Indian Journal of Marketing ISSN 0973-8703, March, 2012, pp 32-40 Research Paper published in Journal2012
Dr. Sumesh Raizada‘ISO 9001-2000: A Quantitative approach to CRM’ (Samadhan – June’2006), pp 31-38Paper published in Journal2006
Dr. Sumesh Raizada‘Relevance of Marketing tools in personality Development’ (Samadhan – Dec.’2004), pp 50-58Research Paper published in Journal2004
Dr. Sumesh Raizada‘E-Retailing: Challenges Ahead for Indian Retail Sector’ in the International Center for Business Research, Issue: Volume 2 – Mar 2013; Link: Paper published in Journal2003
Dr. Sumesh Raizada‘Latest Trends and Technologies in Retail’- Proceedings of National Conference on Retail Excellence, Excel India Publishers, ISBN 978-93-81361-40-5, New Delhi, 2011, pp 256-270Research papers Published in Conference proceeding2011
Dr. Sumesh Raizada‘C-R-M of Rural Marketing’ in the book – Scope & Challenges of Rural Marketing in India, Excel Books, 2010, ISBN 978-81-7446-842-0, pp 272-284Research papers Published in Conference proceeding2010
Dr. Sumesh Raizada‘CRM & CSR aspects in ISO quality standards’ in the book – Quality Management in Organisations, Macmillan publishers India Ltd., 2010, ISBN 0230-32923-3, pp 305-318Research papers Published in Conference proceeding2010
Dr. Sumesh Raizada‘Mobile Commerce in India’ in the book – Information Management in Knowledge Economy, Macmillan publishers India Ltd., 2010, ISBN 0230-32936-5, pp 352-362Research papers Published in Conference proceeding2010
Dr. Sumesh Raizada‘Scope of Business Intelligence in Retail’– Book –Advances in Data Management, Macmillan Publishers India, 2009, ISBN 0230-63760-4, pp 66-75Research papers Published in Conference proceeding2009
Dr. Sumesh Raizada‘Innovative Technologies for enhancing CRM in Organized Retail’ in the published proceedings of National Seminar organized by Amity Business School, Gurgaon on 15th November, 2009, pp 31-38Research papers Published in Conference proceeding2009
Dr. Sumesh Raizada‘IT & Human Resource’ in ‘Strategic Human Resource Management’ - Excel Books, Delhi, 2005, ISBN 81-8323-004-0, pp 193-203Research papers Published in Conference proceeding2005
Mr. Sanjive SaxenaThe Digital Sojourn and the IPR CompassIntellectual Property Rights ManagementFebruary, 2012
Mr. Vaibhav Aggarwal1)Volatility Clustering Of Stock returns & its relation to trading volume: Evidence From Indian S&P CNX NIFTY 2) Variation and volatility clustering in trading volume and stock return:Evidence from Indian S&P CNX nifty 1) National Conference proceedings at Delhi Colleg1) 2012 2) 2012
Mrs. Deepika Saxena“Green Accounting: Concepts and Practices” National Conference at JIMS, Rohini, Delhi.Feb.2010
Mrs. Deepika Saxena“Emerging Trends in Banking Sector in India: Technological Perspective”National Conference at Sri Guru Ram Rai Institute of Technical Studies, Dehradun. Sep.2010
Mrs. Deepika Saxena“Role of Banking Sector in Financial Inclusion and Growth”National Conference at Tolani Institute of Management Studies, GujaratMarch 2011
Mrs. Deepika Saxena"Harnessing Technology for Banking the Unbanked" International Conference at Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida, in collaboration with Computer Society of India (CSI), Noida Chapter, U.P. March 2012
Mrs. Deepika SaxenaTechnology Based Initiatives by Indian Commercial Banks towards Financial InclusionCSITM Annual Conference 'Drishtikon' at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIM-B)May 2012
Mrs. Pooja jainExploring Rural Market: New Age MantraConference2010
Mrs. Pooja jainRural Marketing: A jewel in the crown of corporateconference2011
Mrs. Pooja jainEntry of organized Retail: Impact on small retailers, Saaransh JournalNational Journal2011
Mrs. Pooja jainMoving towards Greener Marketingconference2010
Mrs. Pooja jainIndian Medical Tourism: An emerging opportunityconference2010
Ms. Anshul Garg“Integrated Marketing Communication : Implications, Opportunities And Challenges” International Conference On “Innovative Strategies2011
Ms. Anshul GargInnovation: A Requisite for India’s Higher EducationThird National Conference on “Innovation And Chall2012
Ms. Anshul Garg“Indian Retail sector: Its Evolution, Challenges and Opportunities”International Conference on “Doing Business in Ind2012
Ms. Anshul Garg“Customer Satisfaction to Delighting: A Key Driver to Retain Customers”International Conference on “Global Business & Fin2012
Ms. Anshul Garg“Achieving & Measuring Excellence In Service” “ICCIEMI-2012”2012
Ms. Anshul Garg“Personal Selling And Customer Loyalty: A Correlation”International Conference on “Customer Satisfaction2012
Ms. Anshul Garg“Bottom Of Pyramid (BOP) Marketing: Need For Business”International Conference on “Service Led Inclusive2012
Ms. Anshul GargService Innovation: An Emerging ConceptIdeation, DIHE,Vol. III(2011-12) 2011
Ms. Anshul GargSocial Media Marketing: An Emerging Tool To Make Business GrowSocial Media Marketing: An Emerging Tool To Make B2011
Ms. Deepti KakarPaper titled "Innovation: Master key To Global Competitiveness" published in Pravara Management Review (PMR) Vol.9 No.2 National Journal(July-December 2010)
Ms. Deepti KakarPaper titled “Decision Making at Work and Play: Impulsive Use of Cost-Benefit Analysis” published in Spectrum, Vol.4National Journal (Online)October 2010
Ms. Deepti KakarPresented paper titled “Education: Catalyst to Women Empowerment” in National Seminar on Women Empowerment: Contemporary Concerns, organized by HP Institute of Management Studies, Shimla National Conference10-11 December, 2011
Ms. Deepti KakarPresented paper titled “Work Life Balance for Working Parents: Perspectives and Strategies” in International Conference organized by Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi. .International Conference4-6 March, 2011
Ms. Deepti KakarPresented paper titled “Innovative e-linkages: A potential reversal of urban migratory trends” in the University Day Paper Presentation Contest on the Theme "India's Tryst with Urbanization - Vision 2015" organized by Narsee Monjee Institute of Management, Mumbai.National Seminar11-12 January, 2008
Ms. Deepti KakarPresented paper titled “Exploring the concept of Telemedicine as a viable alternative to the rural healthcare delivery system” in National Conference organized by Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi. National Conference23-24 November, 2007
Ms. Jyoti Kukreja'Winning Work Diversity' International Journal-MERI 2011
Ms. Jyoti Kukreja'Towards Greener Business Belt'International Symposium, NIMS2011
Ms. Jyoti Kukreja'Common Health=Common Wealth'National Seminar, Shivaji College2011
Ms. Jyoti KukrejaTransition from Greed to GreenInternational Conference-BVIMR2011
Ms. Jyoti KukrejaEmployee Empowerment precedes Robust Retail ChainNational Conference on Retail Excellence -JIMS2011
Ms. Jyoti KukrejaInnovative Practices in ManagementInternational Conference- DBIM2011
Ms. Jyoti KukrejaA Conceptual Study on how Psychometric Instruments are helpful to HRM in Talent AcquisitionTJITM2010
Ms. Jyoti KukrejaPivotal CRM-The Ultimate IcebreakerNational Seminar-ITS Ghaziabad2011
Ms. Mansi Arora MadanWinning work diversity International Journal-MERIOctober 2011
Ms. Mansi Arora MadanR-Evolution in Indian Retail sector” National Conference-Prestige Institute of Manageme2011
Ms. Mansi Arora MadanCorporate GovernanceUGC-National Seminar 2010
Ms. Mansi Arora MadanRecent Developments in Mutual Fund IndustryGuru Nanak National College, Doraha 2010
Ms. Mansi Arora MadanPivotal CRM-The Ultimate IcebreakerNational Conference-ITS, Ghaziabad.2011
Ms. Mansi Arora Madan“Towards Greener Business Belt” National Conference-Netaji Subhash Institute of management Sciences, 2011
Ms. Mansi Arora MadanCommon Health=Common Wealth” National Conference-Shivaji College, New Delhi.2011
Ms. Mansi Arora MadanSocial-CRM, a strategic imperativeInternational Conference-Indian Education Society’2011
Ms. Mansi Arora MadanTransition from Greed to GreenInternational Conference-Bhartiya VidyaPeeth Insti2011
Ms. Parul Raj" A new mantra for successful India”Apeejay School of Management, Dwarka on “Innovatio2011
Ms. Parul Raj“The war for talent-the guiding factor” INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, NIRMA UNIVERSITY, NICOM -2009
Ms. Parul RajA Good Manager: A Moral ManagerICCG (International Conference on Corporate Govern2009
Ms. Parul RajDo ethical communicators finish first? 2009
Ms. Parul RajHarnessing the power of Gen Y !Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida in Annual 2011
Ms. Parul RajWhy managers fail to do the right thing: An empirical study of unethical and illegal conductIndian Management 2008
Ms. Parul RajCommunication Ethics: Principle and Practice Journal of Change and Development by IILM 2007
Ms. Parul RajHealthcare revisited: Vision 2015International Conference of JIMS on Service Led In2012
Ms. Vandana Sehgal“WTO and Education: Some issues” Paper presented in the National Seminar organized2007
Ms. Vandana Sehgal“Haryana Financial Corporation Viz-a Viz Industrial Development of Haryana” published in the Journal “Kautilya” by Haryana E2006
Ms. Vandana Sehgal “An analysis of Growth and Performance of MSME Sector in India” Paper Presentedon in a national paper presentatio2011
Ms. Vandana Sehgal“India’s Initiatives to enhance bilateral trade with Brazil” Paper Presented in an International Conference bei2012.
Ms. Yukti AhujaImpact of in-film advertising on customer perception and purchase intention MAIMS Journal2009
Ms. Yukti AhujaComparative study of customer satisfaction in Indian Public sector and private sector banksInternational journal of Engineering and Managemen2010
Ms. Yukti AhujaTowards building a strong retail brand: A study of impact of overall shopping experience on customers’ perception of a big retail store across three cities in India Journal of Business Vision2010
Ms.Parminder Kaur BajajResearch paper “Financial decision making under uncertainty-Folly of mental shortcuts”, Jims 8M, vol.11 no.2, pp 25-30.National2006
Ms.Parminder Kaur Bajaj? Research paper on,” Institutional credit for Farm sector in India, International Journal of Retailing and Marketing, special issue, April 2011,pp 54-62International2011
Ms.Parminder Kaur Bajaj? Research paper on “Micro finance: Issues and challenges”, International Journal of Retailing and Marketing,Vol 2No, 1,pp 54-62(2011)International2011