Part -2
During the past two decades, bulk of the expansion in higher education has been in the self-financial private sector. Research output in these institutions is often questioned. Recently the AICTE has come out with a research policy framework document written in collabration with clarivate Analyties. This document is entiled “ Aimming for excellence pathways to Institution advancement through Research”. [More] Tags: | Categories: Education
Part 1
It is often lamented that no Indian University or Institution figuers in the list of top 100 universities ranked by the three leading agencies namely The Times Higher education; Shanghai Ranking and QS Ranking. It is further pointed out that this is due to the low level of research activity (both quantitavely as well as qualitatively) in Indian universities. During the past 10 year or so, the statutory bodies (UGC, AICTE, MHRD, NAAC NBA etc) are trying to increase the research output of Indian Universities and institutions. The carrot & stick approach is being followed. [More] Tags: | Categories: Education